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The Thermal Plume tells us lots about how our body releases energy.



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Thanks to All - for helping us spread the message...

we don't condition buildings -

we condition people.

The Architectural/Mechanical Systems can be Therapeutic or Threatening to your health, wellness and comfort

 ITS YOUR Choice.


June 2005 News Letter - Scroll Down For All The Latest.

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House keeping, new & free articles in Coast2Coast, Solutions, Quotes

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Divided and merged we stand

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The harsh realities of hackers and spammers with less than honorable intents.

Special Feature: Barbara Kennedy, founder and President of Changing Gears Inc., spent six weeks traveling between Vancouver, B.C. and Oakville, Ontario organizing her 86 year old mother's her story here:Personal experience set wheels in motion for Changing Gears by Wilma Blokhuis a Halton Media Group Article

A few bursts of 'news' for you...

Website: Based on our readers feedback (i.e. "your site needs work Bean" - we've always encourage direct communication!) we’ve done some house keeping …if you haven’t been by the site lately here’s recent feedback: “Robert, seeing that the site was about heating I first thought it would be boring and only for heating professionals. But much to my delight I really enjoyed reading through the information and found it very interesting. It's a unique site with original content”.

To which we say - just keeps getting better with your suggestions. (direct or indirect - we take it all in stride.)

Forum: Again, visitors said it was too hard to find a place to post, start a new thread or read comments so we’ve divided and merged the forum to just one discussion group plus a place to share industry links and info on the Home Owners Guide to Indoor Comfort Quality. Our registered users continue to climb - strength in numbers - will make sure you get more value from your housing dollars! Each of you is welcome to start a new thread, help others or just pick up information that can help you make better decisions. We're now over 75 registered users - tell your friends - tell your family - everyone is welcome.

Blog: All I can say is I hope there were only a few of you that literally were exposed to some nasty realties of the web – hijacked by spammers with less than honorable intents. We’ve permanently closed down the original blog and have been up and running with a paid service provider which allows us to lock out the bad people. Old stuff  - is gradually being moved over. We apologize and deeply regret if any of you had to suffer the shock as we did when alerted by a loyal visitor. We’ve moved on and up and hope you will continue to follow us despite the embarrassment! Herein Lesson Learned - (always learning).

Right Now - At the Blog - Exposure Guidelines for Residential Indoor Air Quality - A Report of the Federal-Provincial Advisory Committee on Environmental and Occupational Health

Coast2Coast Comfort Reports Two new article for you - from design specialist Geoff McDonell, P.Eng., LEED Ap. and Gary Hayden.

At the recent American Institute of Architects / Continuing Education Conference in Las Vegas I participated as a member and student . If you haven’t been paying attention to this show and surrounding activities - it radiates All Green and All Good. Stay tuned – more to come.

Plus for those who carry pure 'technical' DNA in your blood (This is not for the weekend warrior) – a New and FREE Article published in the authoritative ASHRAE Journal. This was a year’s project to coordinate with Tim Doran of Uponor Wirsbo, Dr. Olesen from the Technical University of Denmark and Dr. Simmonds of IBE Consulting Engineers in California. After writing several drafts, a few peer reviews, lots of grammatical corrections – its done! Enjoy.

We monitor NAHB news and are fascinated by the informational tug o war over the housing bubble and pending burst vs. the slow and steady camps…one thing is consistent – senior housing or the politically correct ‘housing for older adults’ (someday I'll share with you what my 70 plus ex. C.A. dad and his fishing buddies say about politically correct terms) is a hot topic and many are gearing up to meet this ever growing demand. Just keep learning what we’re teaching at to make sure your health, wellness and comfort is the center of focus.

Definitely sign up for Barbara Kennedy's news letter at Changing Gears Inc.

ASHRAE Conference promises to bring more developments into the evolution of ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy or what we affectionately call the comfort standard. Plus read all about the new proposed Guideline 10P, Criteria for Achieving Acceptable Indoor Environments

Why is this stuff important? You don't need to be an engineer to understand this stuff, at the very least you should know standards do exist and they are here to help you obtain, healthy and safe  interior environments to make you comfortable year round.

RPA RADFest East Oct 11-12, Chantilly, VA "Siggy and the Bean"
In a short few months members and guest of the Washington Area Chapter of the Radiant Panel Association will come together to exchange ideas and have their 'radiant' thoughts challenged in a two day event in Chantilly, VA.  I'm looking forward to seeing my friends and industry colleagues John Siegenthaler and Dave Yates.  This will be an event you will want to attend!

Avon Walk Fund Raiser  - Only 350 Tickets!
On October 5th, at the Crowne Plaza Hotel in Natick, Mass, Dan Holohan, Tim Doran , John Barba and yours truly will take you on a Hydronics Journey in support of the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer. Our Target is $50,000 and You Can Help Out.  What an honor to share the stage with these remarkable men and for such a good cause.  This is a one time event - it doesn't get any better!

F*R*E*E* Seminar Slides
We've made all our 2005 seminar presentations available as slide shows for free to our visitors.  If you would like a live presentation - we love to help you out. email us at

Here are some useful links that we have used in the past several weeks.

American Institute of Architects
National Association of Home Builders
American Society of Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Engineers
Air Conditioning Contractors of America
The Alberta Hydronics Advisory Council
The Canadian Institute of Plumbing & Heating
Hydronics Marketing Group
Radiant Panel Association
Gas Appliance Manufacturers Association
Residential Hot Water Heating Association of British Columbia
Canadian Home Builders' Association
Sheet Metal and Air Conditioning Contractors' National Association
The Mechanical Contractors Association of America

That's it for now.

Tell your friends - tell your family - everyone is welcome - always.



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