Mark Eatherton


Mark Eatherton

Mark Eatherton is a principle in Advanced Hydronics, Inc of Denver Colorado and a Licensed Master Plumber . He is the Vice President of the Rocky Mountain chapter of the Radiant Panel Association and teaches numerous courses on hydronic heating at Red Rocks Community College in Denver. He is an authorized instructor for the Radiant Panel Association and recipient of the "TOP HONORS, BEST OF SHOW" award.

Mark serves as an expert witness for several litigation firms involved in building science cases.

He can be reached at 303-778-7772, or on line

Who is is his reply to someone needing help on getting air out of a system...

You must think like water, grassshopper....

Close your eyes and think of yourself as being the water inside the pipes. You must enter the system from wherever you're introduced under pressure, and you must flow in a proper direction, moving as quickly as you can, sweeping air in front of you, pushing it out of each branch like a long, liquid piston. You're trying to get to the point of no pressure, that being the outlet, from whence ye shall fall.

Remember, you are wet, lazy and stupid. It takes closed valves to show you where you NEED To go, not where you WANT to go. You start by chasing the air out of those lines that are closest to your source of point of discharge, then start working your way upward and outward as you go. You know, that air is a wiley coyote, always seeking higher ground. In fact, you may have to stop "chasing" him, and you may have to jack the pressure up on him to make him rise to the top. Once there, let him out manually.

Think like a fluid...

Mark Eatherton
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