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Long time - no see!

Remember us...we're the folks who had gremlins overtake our last eNewsletter. Not wanting to risk that spambarrassment again, we've been working with Webworx to develop this new format.  So thanks for your understanding. 

So what's new? What have you missed? Lots!
We've added several more pages to the site and have been posting in the
 On-Line Forum some great opportunities for our students including discounts from Hands Down Software (yes the folks who have provided psychrometric analysis tools to hundreds of companies, thousands of engineers, scientists, contractors and educators around the globe), notifications of free public on-line IEQ Webinars sponsored by ASHRAE (next one is Wednesday, April 18th, 2007) and access notifications to free public review drafts of ventilation and energy efficiency standards. Several new excerpts and quips on IEQ in the Blog continue to put a grin or grimace on viewers faces.


We have started (once again) to provide our thoughts and comments on some of the design and teaching tools in our Software Reviews section.  If you have favorite programs you think we should demo, then send them along and we'll let you know what we think.


A must read reprint from the Healthy Buildings 2000 Conference, courtesy of the Netherlands Agency for Energy and the Environment is The Health, Safety and Comfort Advantages of Low Temperature Heating Systems. If you read nothing but this paper, you will have a better understanding of thermal comfort with radiant based heating and cooling systems.


Leslie Moldow, AIA, Principal, Perkins Eastman and Amanda D'Luhy from the American Institute of Architects have graciously allowed us to post links to what we feel is some of the best stuff starting to come out of the world of architecture.  Design for Aging is for anyone and everyone involved in the building industry. An excerpt: "An extraordinary and unprecedented event occurred at the end of November 2006. Neuroscientists, cognitive psychologists, senior living operators, and architects together discussed how the aging mind perceives its surroundings and how to apply this knowledge to improve environments for our elders. The workshop focused on identifying research topics for the scientific community that would enrich and inform the architectural design process."


For students or those with a general interest in IEQ we have uploaded our growing library of student tools at the IEQ Literature page.

Other new pages of interest include a page discussing our love affair with solar starting in 1989 with a Solar Heated Antarctic project for the American Science Foundation.  We'll be adding more to the solar pages in the upcoming months.

We are also featuring a full page on
The Benchmark in Design with John Siegenthaler, P.E., author of Modern Hydronic Heating and if you haven't seen Bob Rohr’s page on the use of thermography in the building sciences you may find it very beneficial especially if you are building or renovating. 

Be sure to drop by the newly updated pages on
Hardwood & Radiant, Radiant Cooling and our favorite Underslab Insulation. We'll be adding our ventilation content later this year as time permits.

We have also added new slide presentations at the Designer Solutions section.

Last but not least, chiller expert Ron Spencer has shared a marvelous story about Gil Carlson
at the home page for the Carlson-Holohan Award of Excellence.

Lots more to report but this will keep all you indoor environmental quality and thermal comfort fanatics engaged until the next time. 

Robert Bean, R.E.T.
Registered Engineering Technologist
Building Construction, Industry Development
Editor for www.healthyheating.com


If you are having troubles downloading documents, accessing our website, blog or forum, want to provide feedback or make suggestions on the editorial content or design of the site, or wish to link to our site or obtain permission to republish our content, please let us know via info@healthyheating.com.

Know anyone building or renovating? Be sure to forward to them, this valuable eJournal resource.

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