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A complete study in human physiology as it relates to architectural/mechanical systems and our health, wellness and comfort...learn about the number and types of sensors in our skin and how the brain processes thermal conditions...its fascinating stuff!

More reasons to stand by the statement...

We Don't Condition Buildings, We Condition People."

A sample graphic of the skin  and sensors

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SBN 1-894905-54-7, ATLAS OF ANATOMY
permission to publish portions of ATLAS OF ANATOMY for the HVAC Designer pending


August 2005 News Letter - Scroll Down For All The Latest.

Headlines: New Stuff for You

Web Stuff
New content and features on Hardwood and Radiant including some useful documents on moisture and wood from the Canadian Wood Council. 55/hardwood1.htm

Forum Stuff
New Format!!! Plus recent topics including discussion on loop lengths.

Blog Stuff
Who's getting radiant and who isn''ll be surprised to hear that prisons, houseboats, trailers and outhouses are getting it...but big custom homes aren't...go figure.

Special Feature: Barbara Kennedy, founder and President of Changing Gears Inc., spent six weeks traveling between Vancouver, B.C. and Oakville, Ontario organizing her 86 year old mother's her story here:Personal experience set wheels in motion for Changing Gears by Wilma Blokhuis a Halton Media Group Article

...of recent note:

"Scams involving Internet auctions, as well as identity theft, lotteries, prizes and sweepstakes, top the list of fraud complaints by older Americans, who lost $152 million to con artists last year, U.S. officials told a Senate panel on Wednesday. Internet-based scams are growing and now account for about 41 percent of fraud complaints the Federal Trade Commission receives from people over 50, Lois Greisman of the FTC's consumer protection division told the Senate Committee on Aging. 'This figure is all the more dramatic when one considers that Internet-related fraud represented only 33 percent of all fraud complaints from this age group in 2002,' she said." Learn more at

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New Special Report, Boilers, by Jeffrey C. May, B.A., M.A.

We are grateful to be able to feature some of the writings by noted author, Building Scientist and Lecturer, Jeffrey C. May, author of "My House is Killing Me! The Home Guide for Families with Allergies and Asthma" (2001) and co-author of "The Mold Survival Guide: For Your Home and For Your Health" (2004), both from Johns Hopkins University Press, which will also be publishing "My Office is Killing Me!" in 2006.

New Coast2Coast  Article by Geoff McDonell, P.Eng., LEED AP
Selecting Proper Windows For Your Climate Zone

New Coast2Coast Article by Dave Yates
You're Fired, Is Your Contractor a Hero or a Zero? Part 3 of Working with Contractors

Past Coast2Coast Articles:

Human Comfort Factors, What do You Need For a Proper Building Comfort System? by Geoff McDonell, P.Eng., LEED AP
The Importance of the Building Envelope for a Healthy Home by Geoff McDonell, P.Eng., LEED AP
Energy and Control Issues Related to Radiant Slab Systems, by Geoff McDonell, P.Eng., LEED AP
First Impressions, What do You Need For a Proper Building Comfort System? Part I of Working with Contractors, by Dave Yates
The Sales Call, Part 2 of Working with Contractors, by Dave Yates
The "Pain" of Not Knowing, by Gary Hayden

Welcome to the Green Apple!
Special Feature
by Rick Fedrizzi.

An excerpt: "There are ways to operate our businesses that are smart from both an economic standpoint and from an environmental standpoint. These stories should be made public, and early-adopters and trendsetters need to be recognized. Because of them, projects such as this could become the norm instead of the exception. "
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Recommended Website

For the Non technical Person wanting to know about human physiology.

Recommended Reading for the Design Specialist

We're fortunate to have Richard Watson, co-author of the Radiant Handbook participate in the upcoming conference call with NRCan researcher Dr. James Raydon. Richard Watson suggests "the May/June, 2005 Georgia HVAC Insider article from 'American Standard, titled "Home Comfort 101: Choosing an HVAC System That Makes the Grade". Each of their 'tips' are standard items or unneeded with radiant floor, and radiant ceiling panel systems, whether hydronic or electric. By stating what is important to obtain comfort (undefined except by what they recommend in their tips that presumably prevents discomfort that occurs if the tips are not followed), they set the stage for radiant, which does not require the non standard features the article presents as 'tips'. If you provide faxes, I will be happy to send the article to anyone interested, if  they have not already seen it. Similar information is also available at their web site,"

ASHRAE Research Announced

ASHRAE to Study Link Between Thermal Comfort, Energy Efficiency

ATLANTA – With HVAC&R consuming a third of energy used in buildings, alternative systems or strategies to reduce energy use are needed. Different approaches could include use of a building’s thermal mass in combination with night cooling or heating or cooling by pipes embedded in floors, walls or ceilings. Such systems are often associated with indoor temperatures that drift during the day. While drifting temperatures may save energy, their impact on occupant health and productivity are unknown. Research to study the impact of drifting temperatures on thermal comfort, health and productivity is being funded by the American Society of Heating, Refrigerating and Air-Conditioning Engineers (ASHRAE).

Informal Living Trend Found by Architect Design Survey
Reprinted with permission from Nations Building News.(c) 2005, All Rights Reserved

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