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International Builder Show
50 plus housing

Changing Gears - Great Site With Awesome Resources

Click Here to See What's New With Barbara.

Quotable Quotes


"The vigor of coming generations depends upon protecting physical man by correct hygienic conditions in the home, a pure frequently changed, evenly warmed atmosphere…"
excerpt from 1910 Colliers Magazine.

50 years before I was born...geesh.

Industry Letters

Canadian Association for Properly Built Homes

ASHRAE Research I

ASHRAE Research II

HRAI SkillTech

For the Guys... well mostly.

Sensible Art

Famous Painting by L.Boilly, "Five Senses"
Ref.: Hughes Museum


Where are the jobs?

Parents of children living in Alberta you may want to see where the jobs are over the next the image to enlarge.

Challenging Thought for 2006...

"According to the first law of thermodynamics, energy can’t be conserved or used, it can only change forms. Thinking about this first law, makes you wonder how we can be talking about “saving energy” or “energy consumption” if it can’t be saved or consumed!"

from the International Energy Agency’s (IEA) Energy Conservation
in Buildings and Community Systems programme (ECBCS).

...low temperature radiant based HVAC is the perfect energy efficient solution...


December  2005 / January 2006 News Letter

Year End Review...scroll down for more....

Web Stuff:

Plenty of new materials for those planning on building or those who make a living out of designing livable spaces.

For the consumer planning on building click here. Graphics courtesy of the National Radiant Design Center and Uponor Wirsbo.

For the designer,  checkout the 30 plus schematics and dozen or so technical presentations click here. If you need a specific graphic that you can't find, let us know. We are happy to exchange these illustrations for donations which go to keep this site up and running.

Forum Stuff
WOW is all we can say!  Since last months letter we've had over 25 more people join up and contribute to the various discussion. Some really practical exchanges on how to prevent freezing in garage systems OIA (Dan) and an awesome fuel site comparison link provided by Tramar (Mark).  Thanks again to our regulars for pitching in with your thoughts and wisdom.

Blog Stuff

Ongoing Special Feature: Barbara Kennedy, founder and President of Changing Gears Inc., spent six weeks traveling between Vancouver, B.C. and Oakville, Ontario organizing her 86 year old mother's her story here:Personal experience set wheels in motion for Changing Gears by Wilma Blokhuis a Halton Media Group Article

Congrats to our very own Coast2Coast contributor Mr. Geoff McDonell for winning the PME Excellence in Design Award for 2005 for Omicron's Fred Kaiser Building project..." click here to access the link and to send your regards to Geoff .

Editorial Contributors

Field Experience for Engineers and Architects by Mark Eatherton

Listen to Your Nose by Jeffrey C. May, B.A., M.A.

Do's and Don'ts of Hiring Quality Trade Contractors By Don Carr

Learn More About the Emerging 50+ Market at IBS from NBN

Geoff, Dave and Gary Hayden will be back in the New Year with more fun material.

Recommended Websites

Hydronic Heating Association

Frustrated by the lack of standards and quality control in hot water heating and cooling systems, a group of competing and independent contractors, wholesalers and manufacturers decided it was time for a change. We formed the Hydronic Heating Association to set industry standards, educate contractors, and inform the public about the benefits of having a quality hot water system installed. After seeing too many poorly installed heating and cooling systems, we wanted to promote the latest standards of technology with our pride and tradition of having the best workmanship.

Property Inspections

Carson, Dunlop specializes on the inspection of residential properties, while Carson, Dunlop, Weldon focuses on retail, office, high rise, institutional and industrial properties. Specialty buildings, such as sports complexes, churches, bingo halls and arenas are also among the projects we have completed. Approximately 3,500 to 4,000 single and multi-family properties are inspected annually.

For the hard core technical guys and gals this you have to check will literally change how you look at designing for efficiency. Click the image for a brochure...then head over to the Low Exergy main site to gorge on the meaning of exergy...

Who says people can't afford the benefits of radiant based HVAC systems... Published in CustomHomeOnline, September, 2006, from Fairfield County Business Journal, “ Across the country, 36 percent of all home sold last year were purchased as second homes or as an investment and many of them fell into the luxury category.”

Hmmm...interesting quote to end the year don't you think?

Year End Review:

Thanks to everyone of our readers and contributors for an outstanding stats for the last 12 months - site visitors are up 925% from our inaugural launch last year ( December to December) with just under 30,000 unique visitors to the site, over 6600 to the new blog and approaching 200 registered forum users.  Over 20 some seminars for different groups were completed and we've lost count as to how many attendees...that age thing! Funds generated from the newsletter sign ups went to the RPA's Ted Lowe Fund with additional contributions to Santa's Anonymous and the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer.  Thanks to Uponor Wirsbo for their generosity for sponsoring our trip to the Boston Fund Raiser and to Joe W who made it all possible.

It was a good year and ya'll done good!

2006 is shaping up to be another great one for education...

Always remember radiant based HVAC is not about conditioning buildings, its about conditioning people.



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