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Thanks to All - for helping us spread the message...

we don't condition buildings -

we condition people.

The Architectural/Mechanical Systems can be Therapeutic or Threatening to your health, wellness and comfort

 IT'S YOUR Choice.


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Geoff McDonell and I discuss ASHRAE and European philosophies on conditioning people and spaces. Register for August 17th conference call with researchers from NRCan, ASHRAE and RPA.

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Some recent posts in our blog:

Less People in Bigger Homes
Decision Analysts - Home Comfort Survey
Home Heartbeat - New and Cool Monitoring Equipment for Your Home
The Most Comfortable Outhouse in America
Cultivating Healthy Living Spaces
Another Radiant Cooling Project
NAHB Women's Council / National Housing Endowment
Home Design Trends
New Exhibition on 'Touch'

...and a whole lot more!

Putting Pride Back in the Process
Special Feature
by Rick Fedrizzi.

An excerpt: "When systems don’t function properly or as they’re designed, how can we expect greater energy efficiency or improved indoor environmental quality?" Click Here

Communications Key in Selling to Female Baby Boomers
Reprinted with permission from Nations Building News.(c) 2005

An excerpt:" This target market is looking for character and comfort, which translates into demand for wider hallways and stairs, living areas on the main floor, open and airy floor plans and multi-functional spaces." Click Here

Hardwood Floors and Radiant Heating
Reprinted with permission from Hardwood Manufacturers Association

An excerpt: "Thanks to advances in the heated floor industry, you can install hardwood floors over radiant heat - with confidence. That means you can enjoy the natural beauty of oak, ash, cherry, maple, hickory, walnut and other fine hardwoods and the comfort and efficiency of radiant heating."
Click Here

Here's a thought for you...

"McDonough and Braungart say we should instead eliminate waste in the first place by crafting our modern systems and patterns of living to more closely mimic natural systems, where waste does not exist."

If you are building a home right an inventory of all the waste generated on your project...scary isn't?  It doesn't have to be that way. One solution to eliminating mechanical waste is specifying "Boiler Rooms in a Box" from companies like Wirsbo or Danfoss.

That's it for now.

Tell your friends - tell your family - everyone is welcome - always.



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