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Changing Gears - Great Site With Awesome Resources

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"I just wanted to tell you I really appreciate your site.   It's well thought out and includes a lot of humor and deep thought...which are hard to find on the internet."

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Canadian Association for Properly Built Homes

Excerpt from
he Comfort Zone
with Alan Saunders

"Amid debates about the aesthetics of architecture it can easily be forgotten that its fundamental purpose is to shelter.  In the Garden of Eden, where presumably the days were always balmy, there was no need for architecture, let alone clothes."

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Welcome to the e-mail newsletter of MLJ COACHING & CONSULTING with tips on how to ENJOY GREATER SUCCESS in your workplace.

Just a quick note to say that Lynne Jacob was interviewed at CKWS on the Trade-Contractors' Workshop and the new e-book, No More NEW YEAR'S RESOLUTIONS:  LET'S CREATE SOLUTIONS.

Homebuyers Warm Up To Radiant Heating.
Published: 12/22/2005 - Vol. 1, No. 25

"The result is a gentle, evenly distributed heat that trumps traditional"

"Our bodies exchange heat through radiation and we try to counteract that by raising the air temperature. What you end up with, though, is a totally uncomfortable space. The hotter the air and the taller the ceiling, the colder the floor and the more uncomfortable you become..."

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March 23, 24, 25, 2006
Metro Toronto Convention Centre

May 1-2, 2006 Sheraton Tacoma Tacoma, WA

When Industrial Design meets HVAC these are the types of boiler rooms you get...these two are bigger than most because they are operating large homes.  All the stuff inside is designed by experienced professional engineers and technicians,  prewired and fabricated in code approved facilities...just like any other appliance in your home except these are responsible for efficiently conditioning your body.

They are absolutely gorgeous.


March 2006 News Letter

ok I've been busy reading, writing, and arithmetic(ing) - sorry.

Have written this from Windsor, Ontario...right across the river from's a shot from my hotel room...the tallest building is the GM building ... (for now) ...



I'm just getting ready to teach another four day certification course for the Heating, Refrigeration and Air Conditioning Institute of Canada at the Hilton Hotel...too late to register for this one but make sure you get on the list for upcoming dates. 

 Here's a link to some of our past students. We've had a real diverse group of students from contractors, architects, home builders, agents, wholesalers, home owners to students with their masters degree in mechanical engineering.  Makes for an interesting four days!

Spring Review...scroll down for more....

Web Stuff:

This site contains architectural details, mechanical schematics and comfort parameters for radiant based HVAC systemsIf you haven't been by the site lately we've added this graphic representation of what is all about c/w with a direct link to our ever popular human physiology pages .  We're constantly fine tuning this materials so if you see something you would like us to add or explore, please let us know.  Incidentally our recently updated Radiant Mythology publication is grabbing lots attention including a few disgruntled readers who took issue with some content...because we so much like our materials to be critically reviewed we've added several new myths which are 'sure to stir'!

Lots of NEW stuff...check out these new pages:

Radiant Cooling
Learn More - click here.

Under slab Insulation
Learn More - click here.

Humidity and Comfort
Learn More - click here.

Snow & Ice Melting
Learn More - click here.

Forum Stuff
Welcome to all our new guests and visitors...latest topics include heating tennis courts and humidification for homes and a wonderful surprise from our contracting crowd...recognize the logo below? Looks great Mike! By the way Viessmann are one of the worlds premium research and developers of boilers, water heaters and solar collectors. Their products can easily handle the quality requirements of a thermal environmental comfort technician.


The most comfortable - energy efficient home I have ever been in...

Check out this home featured in HPAC Magazine and an upcoming RPA issue.

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Hundreds of excerpts from around the globe with over 9000 visits to date...

Ongoing Special Feature: Barbara Kennedy, founder and President of Changing Gears Inc., spent six weeks traveling between Vancouver, B.C. and Oakville, Ontario organizing her 86 year old mother's her story here:Personal experience set wheels in motion for Changing Gears by Wilma Blokhuis a Halton Media Group Article

Editorial Contributors

A Consumers Guide to purchasing Radiant Heating systems.
by Mark Eatherton

Reduced blood flow to the skin’s surface may be a key cause of heat-related illnesses, The University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center at Dallas

Putting Pride Back in the Process
By Rick Fedrizzi

Wide Plank Floors and Radiant Heat - a Great Combination
Courtesy of ARA Content

Emotional Marketing, Quality of Life Key Success in Boomer Market
Nations Building News.(c) 2006, All Rights Reserved

Future Comforts: Re-conditioning Urban Environments
By Dr.
Elizabeth Shove and Heather Chappells 

Our other contributors will be back... promise - as soon as I get my schedule back on track!

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