This months issue features Margo's Story, a great exchange between contractor Steve Gronski and a homeowner in need, plus a number of blog links including Homes as Miniature Health Care Facilities, and Tricking Your Brain Into Comfort plus we're featuring an article called 'The Business Case for Green' from, also see the new modifications to the Thermal Comfort Calculator and Humidity pages, plus some long over due gratitude and links to our friends and associates.

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May 2007


I love a project with a great ending: from forum contributor Margo, towards the end of her journey to get a good heating systems... "Finally!!!! Our boiler install took approximately 4 days. It looks great, neat and professional, the guys did excellent work, they followed the schematic and explained everything on a daily basis, no worries."  Our reply, "Margo this so great to hear! What a superb example of an individual sticking to her guns, doing some basic back ground checks, not accepting anything less than what is right, doing a marvelous job of weeding out the bad apples and finding the good guys...all I can say is GOOD JOB.  The lucky contractor will have a friend for life and I just know that if he keeps doing what he's doing you'll tell all your friends and family."

Now for the rest of the story...Margo was the recipient of some much needed help from Steven Gronski, Owner, Gronski Plumbing & Heating...I received this from Steve, "Hi Robert, 'I was glad to help Margo out with the situation she was involved in, and I hope I answered all her questions. I have really made a commitment this past year to specialize in the comfort business...It’s been a tough road making the transition and trying to educate the customers and sell to them what I feel are the best in products in the HVAC industry...the more I get to know people like, John Perry, yourself and Dan Holohan in this business, on a business and personal level, the better I will be able to run my business and educate the customers ..'."

The reason I share this is, Steve went way out of his way to help a home owner in need, he didn't get the contract to install the system (to far away) but he made sure she got the right system installed.  Steve's a 'Pay It Forward' guy as well, and like so many of us believes in what goes around comes give him a pat on the back by visiting his website

What are we Blogging about? 
Top Ten Green Projects
Homes are miniature healthcare facilities
Mind Games
Harvard Educates America on Heating
U.S. Hardwood Exports Leading the..

Industry Trends:
One of my trusted sources of information comes from's Greener Facilities , and the last issue gives readers an idea of the critical mass developing around green facilities.

Have a look at:
The Business Case for Greening Your Facilities – As Fast as Possible!
 Once you've browsed that article, journey over to another favorite read from Contract Magazine and head to the chapter on Energy Efficiency, plus any others that may interest you.

Site Additions and Modifications:
We've modified the Thermal Comfort Calculator to a full page screen with enhanced links to terminology descriptions.  Also we've added more content to the Humidity section of the site.


I just wanted to take a second to thank our friends from BNP Media, RPA, ASHRAE, CIPH, HRAI, OHBA, COHA, Dan Holohan, Constance Wrigley Tomas and our private clients.

BNP Media is the media sponsor for the Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence who consistently deliver useful, timely and accurate information through more than 40 publications on such topics as architecture, construction, HVACR, and plumbing. Be sure to sign up for BNP's Radiant & Hydronics e-News.

A twice-monthly newsletter compiled by the editorial staff of PM, Supply House Times and PMEngineer magazines. For questions, comments or request of information, contact: Katie Rotella, Senior Editor. 

Dan Holohan of the Carlson - Holohan Award and www does so much for so many. A true 'Pay it forward' type of guy...thanks Dan.

Constance Wrigley Tomas our new booking agent for Canada. I've know CWT for many years and we've always talked about how it would be nice to have someone handle my speaking engagements so a few months back we came to an agreement.

Thanks also to the RPA, ASHRAE, CIPH, HRAI, OHBA and COHA, all leading industry organizations that we get to work with.  By the way, the Webinar’s for RPA are a must for the busy person, we’ve done several so far including, Air Separation Fluid Expansion, Control Valve Theory, Differential Pressure Control, Fluid, Flow & Velocity, Human Factors in HVAC, Radiant Heating & Cooling Snow Melting, and Zone Vales vs Zone Circulators.
We'll be doing another RPA Webinar in the coming weeks on calculating head losses so be sure to register early. 

Courtesy of COHA and HRAI I'm off to St John's, Newfoundland for the Canadian Oil Heat Association AGM and then to Victoria, British Columbia for the Heating, Refrigeration, Air Conditioning Institute of Canada's 39th Annual General Meeting to speak on Indoor Environmental Quality and Human Factor Design.  Thanks COHA and HRAI.

Finally, during the years we get to work with unique individuals looking for superior indoor environments and some of the world's best manufacturers through our private visitor servicess - we are grateful for all your support.


Stay Well,

Robert Bean
, R.E.T.
Registered Engineering Technologist
Construction, Industry Development
Editor, www

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