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Important ASHRAE Press Release.

"ASHRAE to Study Link Between Thermal Comfort, Energy Efficiency."

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Important Press Release

"Radiant Heating Leads Discussion at National Forum"

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Here's a Sample of the KWD Newsletter...would suggest those directly involved in industry should order yours today.



Changing Gears - Great Site With Awesome Resources

Click Here to See What's New With Barbara.


LIBRARY SPOT - Convenient links to popular online Almanacs, Calculators, Dictionaries, Directories, Encyclopedias, Historic Documents, Quotations, Statistics, and Thesauri.

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October/November  2005 News Letter - Scroll Down For All The Latest.

Headlines: New Stuff for The Consumer in All Of Us.

Web Stuff: Our industry fund raiser collected $20,000 for the AVON Walk for Breast Cancer

****Note to RB send this newsletter to the magazine editors.

New Pages Dedicated to: Indoor Environmental Quality, A Human Perspective.  If you ever doubted our message that architectural/mechanical systems should focus on conditioning the body instead of the building...this is the human science behind comfort. Enjoy the message and please bring along your industry friends and colleagues to these pages.

New Pages Dedicated to: Mechanical and Architectural Schematics .
These are the preview pages for a much larger project we are working on. We invite you to comment and provide criticism as we develop the pages over the next year. We have already had some great feedback from those who discovered the pages a few days ago. Rest assured we will incorporate all the changes that make sense and will endeavor to revise materials in due course. Remember this is big project and we want you to participate and observe along the way.  When the project is done we'll offer opportunities to manufacturers and contractors to sponsor the finished project...or if you feel so motivated to get your banners up early please let us know...its a year long project and year long opportunity for a few brand names.

New Pages: Definitions, Biographies including HVAC Exposed

If you seen a word or phrase underlined, click it for its definition...for example click the acronym of HVAC or Homeostasis.

If you see a name highlighted and want to know their credentials all you have to do is click, for example one of our contributors is Geoff McDonell, a professional engineer and fly fisherman extraordinaire.  He is a LEED Accredited Professional and well published author with lots to offer home owners, contractors and designers on building.

New Articles: Radiant Mythology, 22 Myths on Radiant Heating, I had a lot of fun writing this one!

Forum Stuff
Thanks to NRT Rob, Geoff McDonell, Weezbo , KWag and all our newest contributors and to those who participated in the conference call.  We had a lot of good feedback and are attracting international publications such as KWD Global Pipe who's web site includes over 1200 links to a global marketplace.  We have just over 140 registered individuals and encourage more of you to engage and share your thoughts and ideas.

Blog Stuff
New Titles: (right mouse to open in separate window)...blogs and blurbs about anything to do with indoor comfort and radiant based HVAC systems.

I love blogging!

Ongoing Special Feature: Barbara Kennedy, founder and President of Changing Gears Inc., spent six weeks traveling between Vancouver, B.C. and Oakville, Ontario organizing her 86 year old mother's her story here:Personal experience set wheels in motion for Changing Gears by Wilma Blokhuis a Halton Media Group Article

...of recent note:

"Last year, in a Readers' Digest poll to determine Canada 's most trusted professions, new home builders did not fare well. Only eight per cent of respondents said new home builders were “very trustworthy” and another 19 per cent said they were “trustworthy”, for a combined score of 27 per cent. That put builders ahead of trade unions (21 per cent), car salespeople (10 per cent) and national politicians (nine per cent), but below lawyers (29 per cent), journalists (31 per cent) and auto mechanics (33 per cent). The most trustworthy professions are pharmacists, doctors and airline pilots, the poll said.

A similar Readers Digest poll in New Zealand , however, ranked builders as the ninth most trusted profession, just below plumbers, and ahead of car salesmen, marketers, journalists and psychologists." Excerpt from Volume 15, issue 2 of Canadian Homes and Cottages – Spring 2005 , Boosting builders' public image

My comments...Members of the CAHB do a great job for many worthy causes.  Home builders are like any other group...a few bad apples...anyways there is a growing list of builders who are now offering radiant heating...visit our link page to see who joining our merry band of indoor environmental quality specialists..

New Special Report by Jeffrey C. May, B.A., M.A.
Healthy Heating Systems

New Special Report by Janet Frick,
Executive director of the Mental Health Association of Lebanon County.
We hold power To help or harm our bodies

New Coast2Coast  Article by Geoff McDonell, P.Eng., LEED AP
Residential Humidity Control Strategies for Radiant Conditioned Homes

New Coast2Coast Article by Dave Yates
People Ain't Dumb - Part 4 of Working with Contractors

Nations Building News Feature
Tech Package Shows How to Improve HVAC Systems

Recommended Website

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Search Design Research Online

Recommended Reading for the Design Specialist

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