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Bio-Climatic Design


Background Preparation
Units & Dimensions
Psychrometric Chart
Plotting On The Chart
Psychrometric Analysis
Humidity Definitions


About Bio-Climatic Design Central

The following pages are part of Peyush Agarwal's master's dissertation "Teaching and Learning Bio-Climatic Analysis : Redefining the Process for the Web".  All credit goes to him and his contributions...

"(His)...thesis project grew out of the need for a clear, concise and easy-to-understand way for architectural students/professionals to learn Bio-climatic analysis. There is text available on the topic but one has to consult a few books before and indeed if, it becomes clear. Looking to do bio-climatic analysis on a particular city, (Peyush Agarwal) experienced firsthand the confusion amongst conflicting theories and difficulty of the concepts. Compound this by having to track the analysis process through multiple publications, and one begins to appreciate the idea of a centralized set of information on the subject, with the sole aim of teaching the reader how to do bio-climatic analysis."

"(Peyush Agarwal) chose to present this work on the Web because it would be accessible to many across the globe, and that he could use the inherent qualities of the medium to explain the process of plotting on the charts better than that from a written medium. Also, the tutorial would have the potential to be used for long-distance/ correspondence learning and classroom instruction."

The following pages on Bio-Climatic Design are credited in full to Peyush Agarwal who graciously makes this materials available to all who are willing to learn. is indebted to him for allowing us to republish the materials for our visitors.


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