Radiant Heating Design Guide
radiant floor heat

Integrated Design Program:
How to establish low energy allowances for delivering thermal comfort and indoor air quality in modern or modernized buildings.

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The Total Comfort System - Nuts and Bolts:
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These are some presentations, discussions and interactive applications for designing various sub systems for radiant based HVAC systems.

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Sample slides from our integrated design program:

Indoor Air Quality Theory
Radiant Theory
Building Science for Cold Climates
Heat Terminal Units
Components, Modules and Systems

Pressure Theory
Control Valve and Balancing Theory
Circulator Theory and Selection

Control Logic Theory
Snow Melting: Storm Data and Heating Loads

Embedded Pipes in Concrete

Table of Contents
(items marked with * are presentations from our archives and have been since updated in our new integrated program)


Under development

3 Way Valves
4 Way Valves

Air Separator Theory*

Architectural Details
ASHRAE Radiant Design Graph
Circulator Flow Theory*
Circulators/∆p Theory *
Control Signal Theory*

Control Valve Theory*

Copper Pipe

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems
Differential Pressure Theory
Expansion Tank Theory*
Expansion / Air Separation
Fluid Flow and Velocity Theory*
Head Loss Theory*

Heat Exchanger Theory
NRC's IA-Quest VOC Simulator
Panel Radiators
Pipe/Velocity Theory*

PEX Pipe

Pressure Fill Valves
Pressure Bypass Valves


Radiant Equipment Part I
Radiant Equipment Part II
Radiant Cooling and Heating

Psychrometrics for Radiant Cooling

Snow Melting General
Snow Melting

Static Pressure Theory
Zone Valves vs Pumps

Under slab Insulation

Typical Schematics
IAQ VOC Simulation

Walls and Slabs for Cold Climates

Windows for Cold Climates

Air Handlers


Electronic Controls

Exhaust Fans

Heat Exchangers


Manifolds, Accessories

Safety Valves

Thermostatic Controls

Heat Pumps

Communicating Skills for Designers
Six Simple Rules for Designers


Heat exchanges in radiant
floor heating designs

Soil conductivities

Heat transfer coefficients
for conditioned surfaces

Geothermal energy

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