Online educational resource on achieving indoor environmental quality with radiant based HVAC systems
Not for profit educational resource on indoor environmental quality.
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Fundamentals of indoor environmental quality / thermal comfort and air quality solutions using radiant based HVAC

Drawing 1. Boiler room mechanical schematic and layout specifications, including control and operation notes.
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Drawing 2. Radiant manifold locations and tube layout for basement and main floor.
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Drawing 3. Radiant manifold locations, tube layout and distribution piping for second floor.
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Drawing 4. Distribution piping to main and second floor radiant heating manifolds.
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Drawing 5. Radiant system summary with spacing, loop lengths, flow rate, delta T, head loss, velocity etc.
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Drawing 6. Details for architectural and mechanical interfaces.
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Drawing 7. Installation details for tube and manifolds for radiant walls; manifold piping details.
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Drawing 8. Layout for home ventilation using an HRV for 100% dedicated outdoor air.
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Drawing 9. Installation, operation and maintenance specifications.
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Drawing 10. Equipment list, make, model, size and power requirements.
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Professional Service Rates:

Indoor Climate Consulting Inc. rates are in-line with professional engineering and technologist fees based on a E3/C to E5/E and T3 to T7 classification as identified by The Consulting Engineers of Alberta in the document tilted, “Consulting Engineers Rate Guideline”.

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Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.)
President, Indoor Climate Consultants Inc.
Registered Engineering Technologist - Building construction (ASET #8167)
Professional Licensee – Mechanical engineering (APEGA #105894)

Disclaimer/Terms of Use:

Indoor Climate Consultants Inc. has prepared these illustrations and specifications for internal use. The information contained within reflects best judgment in light of the information available at the time of preparation. Any use which a second or third party makes of these documents, or any reliance on or decisions to be made based on the documents, are the responsibility of such parties. Indoor Climate Consultants Inc. accepts no responsibility for damages, if any suffered by individuals or firms as a result of decisions made or actions taken based on these documents. These illustrations exclusively owned by the original author, are strictly limited for the purpose of illustrating the general layout, assembly and installation of equipment for Radiant Based HVAC Systems for residential structures and commercial building classifications A through E and F3, non hazardous, non explosion proof, restricted to four stories or less. These documents shall not be copied, reproduced, or altered by any means or method, nor shall it be distributed to any individual or companies without prior written authorization from the original author. All drawings and specifications are to be considered conceptual unless approved for construction by Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L. (Eng.) for the specified client. Unless advised otherwise, any professional stamp placed on these documents relates to the general layout and assembly only.

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