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www.healthyheating.com is a not for profit educational website funded by your donations.

One of our fund raiser is slide presentations which are created for industry functions as part of member association learning programs.

You can download as many as you like and if you wish to make a voluntary donation in exchange for the slides all you have to do is click here.

Patience is required for some of the larger files.  If you have any problems please let us know.

Note: the following are old files that we have decided to keep up since they contain some good information. See our current offering.

Demographics & Housing Needs for North America (2.4 mb)

Everything you ever wanted to know about how North America was populated, what influences purchasing decisions, how the baby boom generation will drive housing needs in the future and a whole lot more! First presented at HRAI Learning Forum, Halifax, NS. Includes Environmental Ergonomics 101.

Environmental Ergonomics 101 (1.2 mb)

Ever wonder why the construction industry designs HVAC systems for buildings rather than for people? Here's what it takes to make you feel at home in your house. First presented at CIPHEX West, Calgary, Ab.

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Total Comfort Systems (266 kb)

We teach the fundamentals of this mechanical system in our certification courses which are designed for the skilled contractor or designer.  If you know an association or person that needs this instruction, email us at info@healthyheating.com Part of our ongoing seminar series.

The Role of Industrial Design in HVAC (2.9 mb)

This is one of our favorite presentations because it explains why you as a consumer can't readily have a Total Comfort System for your house in North America.  The technology and equipment has been available for over 50 years and yet industry continues to slap in the same old systems which fail to deliver all the metrics which integrate indoor air quality with indoor comfort quality. Part of our ongoing seminar series presented at most conference programs.

Radiant Heating and Cooling Design (1.3 mb)

Long before we ever came along the Romans (hypocaust) and the Koreans (Ondol) were using radiant systems to thermally condition their bodies. Radiant heating is old old hat - so old its a cliche ...well beyond the modern futuristic Popular Science Experiment that many think it is...radiant cooling is also tried and true. In fact one of the largest radiant floor cooling projects in the world is the Bangkok International Airport. First presented at ISH North America, Toronto, On.

Snow Ice Melting Design (1.6 mb)

Health, safety and wellness are three good reasons to consider a snow melting system for your project.  But its not just a matter of throwing in tube and hooking it up to your boiler. First presented at ISH North America, Boston, MA.

Prefabricated Hydronic Control and Boiler Systems (7.9 mb)

Nothing gets a discussion going faster than talking about the Beast in the Boiler Room.  This is a collaboration and collage of boiler room photographs going back 25 plus years.  Want to see the past, present and future of radiant based HVAC systems...here's a window into the wonderful world of water! Credit goes to all the guys hanging out at the Wall! First presented at the Great Lakes Conference in Toronto, On.

Inspecting Hydronic Heating Systems - The Good, Bad and Ugly (2.2 mb)

Want to know what makes a good system or one that is dangerous?  This slide show examines work from the hacks who leave behind misery for the owners and occupants and work from those who are professionals in every sense of the word. Mechanical and Architectural Schematics are shown for typical systems. First presented at the Canadian Association for Property and Home Inspectors in Niagara Falls, On.


The Human Factor in HVAC explores the conflict between static trends in shelter and HVAC systems during dynamic human lifecycles.  It observes demographic data, the critical mass of the baby boom generation, its priorities, and decision-making process during the latter years of life.  It concludes with a basic study in the human body’s thermal sensory systems within the parameters of indoor environmental quality defined in part by ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55 Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy.

Radiant Panel Association, RADFEST EAST, Washington, D.C. 
Uponor, HCT Convention, Las Vegas, NV
Radiant Panel Association, RADFEST WEST, Seattle, WA 

HRAI of Canada, AGM, Charlottetown, PEI
Boone Plumbing and Heating Supply Inc., Ottawa, On.
Ferguson Enterprises & TM Sales, Denver, CO


NEW!!  Collaboration LEED™s to IEQ (6mb)

Many people assume that having a good HVAC system means having good Indoor Environmental Quality. However, heating a space does not make occupants comfortable, ventilating a space does not make it healthy, and A/C is not just cooling. Creating Quality Environments requires a multi disciplinary integrated team approach of which HVAC is one facet. Yet within HVAC there is disconnection between the features and benefits. Bean’s Breakfast Workshop will help delegates and companions explore the HVAC industry’s understanding of Indoor Environmental Quality relative to the World of Architecture and LEED™ for Housing.

NEW!! The IEQ in LEED Series - Shown at Construct Canada 2007, email us for password to open.


International Energy Association ECBCS Annex 46
Energy Efficient Technologies for Government Buildings New and Retrofits Workshop, New York,New York, USA, January 16-18, 2008
Presented on behalf of Uponor

Not Free - but great value!

HRAI Residential Radiant Hydronics Design Certification Course           
(Link to HRAI Site for dates and pricing.)

This four day certification course is owned & managed exclusively by HRAI for the architects, engineers, technicians, professional contractors, inspectors and other building officials wanting a thorough study of residential radiant hydronic heating systems.

ASHRAE Learning Institute, Short Course on the Fundamentals of Panel Heating and Cooling.(c) This CEU eligible course is owned & managed exclusively by ASHRAE.  Next course is in Chicago, 2006 at the AHR/ASHRAE Conference.


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