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Thermal Comfort (PDF view, please be patient, 30 seconds to load)

Excerpt: "In the discussion that follows, I address several aspects of this definition, namely, the thermal environment itself, subjective evaluation, the condition of mind—this usually being in the domain of the psychologist and includes satisfaction, acceptance, pleasantness and the plethora of other emotional responses. Much of the material that follows is based on almost 40 years of research concerning thermal comfort." Dr. Fred Rohles’ professor emeritus at Kansas State University, author of more than 150 technical papers and is the recipient of the Raymond F. Longacre Award for psychological and psychiatric aspects of aviation medicine and ASHRAE’s Holladay Distinguished Fellow Award.

This page requires Adobe Reader (click here). Presented with Permission from ASHRAE (c) 2007, American Society of heating, refrigeration, air conditioning engineers. Place cursor over document and page up or page down. Right mouse click to access viewing options.

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