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Cortical, thalamic, and hypothalamic responses to cooling and warming the skin in awake humans: A positron-emission tomography study (PDF view, please be patient, 30 seconds to load)
 G.F. Egan, J.Johnson, M. Farrell, R. McAllen, F. Zamarripa, M. J. McKinley, J. Lancaster, D. Denton, and P.T. Fox.
Copyright 2004, National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A., PNAS April 5, 2005 vol. 102 no. 14 5262-5267  Presented with Permission from National Academy of Sciences, U.S.A. This page requires Adobe Reader (click here).
Place cursor over document and page up or page down. Rght mouse click to access viewing options.

See also: Human medullary responses to cooling and rewarming the skin: A functional MRI study

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