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We're running it again, Integrated HVAC Engineering: Mastering Comfort, Health, and Efficiency.

ASHRAE Residential Building Committee Stakeholders Workshop
Washington, D.C.
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Thermal comfort has found itself front and center as a subject matter of interest within the highly acclaimed Rocky Mountain Institute, the World Health Organization, and National Association of Home Builders’ New American Home initiative. It has also attracted the attention of senior editors of leading housing publications such as Fine Homebuilding and has always been a fundamental expectation within high performance programs such as R-2000, Passive House, Living Building Challenge and the WELL Building Standard.

One of the key reasons for the heightened awareness is exposed in the tension between code built homes where adherence to a thermal comfort standard is not explicitly required and demographics. Part of a largely educated population base is retiring into homes and vacation properties and placing indoor environmental quality and durability as desirable features at or above features that are related to energy efficiency.

Additionally, practitioners are discovering a fundamental working knowledge of thermal comfort can also lead to a better understanding of the indoor quality of lights, sounds, air, odors and vibrations. When applied correctly the knowledge of this human factor science fortuitously leads to logical improvements in passive building solutions such as enclosure performance which by connection reduces energy use while improving both energy and exergy efficiency.

Oddly enough, informal research over the past 16 years involving professionals from across the construction industry shows 99.9% of polled participants are directly or indirectly connected to thermal comfort as part of their business and yet in the irony of irony only approximately 3% can confidently describe the metrics and only half of those actually own a copy of ASHRAE Standard 55 or ISO 7730.
This seminar will draw attention to the above observations using the principles described within the Thermal Comfort and Indoor Environmental Health chapters of the ASHRAE Fundamentals Handbook and Standard 55 Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy. It will also lead participants into an introduction and application of its principles using an easy to use free online ASHRAE 55 compliance tool.

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