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We're running it again, Integrated HVAC Engineering: Mastering Comfort, Health, and Efficiency.

2017 Alberta Safety Codes Council
Banff, Ab

The Human Factors in Thermal Comfort and Indoor Air Quality

One would think an entire industry based on providing safe, comfortable and healthy spaces, should be able to easily describe how humans actually develop judgments about the indoor environment. But as strange as it sounds industry curriculum, field training and building codes generally only address, “the hardware” (the building) and mostly ignore, “the software”, (the occupants). Yet at the end of the day it will always be a dissatisfied person who complains. It seems only logical we should train practitioners to understand how people sense and perceive to better understand how buildings should be designed and constructed.

Learning objectives:

Students will be able to describe the basic thermal sensory systems of the human body.
Students will be able to describe how building systems enable environmental conditions necessary for thermal comfort quality.
Students will be able to describe the basic relationships between the indoor air and the human body.
Students will be able to describe how to enable the environmental conditions necessary for indoor air quality.

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