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What Should Drive the Sustainability Bus - Indoor Environmental Quality or Energy?
Hosted by Uponor

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Seattle, WA, March. 26th
Portland. OR, March. 27th
Salt Lake City, UT, March. 29th
Denver, CO, April 2nd

Abstract: Efficiency programs seem to ignore the fact that the only reason why society uses energy in buildings is to condition people and generate domestic hot water. One would then think that all design ought to begin with the physiological and psychological needs of the occupants. However in the real world most energy efficiency programs focus exclusively on enclosures and equipment and have superficial IEQ requirements. The hope is that the assembled systems will deliver the desired indoor climate with the modeled energy. The flaws in this approach are demonstrated in the poor results from thousands of post occupancy evaluations.

Following this workshop, participants will learn the human sciences behind thermal comfort and air quality and how energy and exergy efficiency is the natural outcome from engineering the indoor environment using human factor design tools.

The following tools and standards will be discussed and demonstrated with an office space case study: ASHRAE’s RP 1383 tool (develop a radiant system module for the simulation and analysis of spaces and systems), CBE’s thermal comfort tool (ASHRAE standard 55), Cardinal Glass’ discomfort due to windows tool, Payette downdraft and radiant discomfort tool, NRC’s ia-quest: indoor air quality emission simulation tool, Dr. Marsh’s daylight tool and Velux lighting tool.

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Spreadsheet for calculating inside surface temperatures

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