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Rules for Manufacturers, Design Professionals and Contractors
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Six Simple Rules for Designers: ultimately it will be a non-technical person who will buy and operate what we in the world of buildings leave behind. But in general as an industry we design to satisfy ourselves, creating unfamiliar items that are complex to the user. Often the "one of kind" project is assembled by people who clients don't trust, nor respect; and these same individuals aggravate the problem by communicating with jargon that most consumers don't understand. That's why I think the following is something industry needs to study and appreciate if it wants to make a difference.


A titillating TEDtalk for Technoweenies: Are you using "jargon monoxide"? Here's some therapy for you...


A lesson from David Kelly's IDEO for the world of engineering: "empathy for the consumer".


Jinsop Lee: Design for all 5 senses: "...looks great but should also feel great, smell great and sound great."

Lot's of lessons here for architects, engineers, interior designers, manufacturers and contractors. Bring your thoughts on this topic to our Linked-In discussion group.

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