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ASHRAE Chicago 2015

 Evaluating Embedded Pipe Radiant Floor Cooling and Heating Panels Using Finite Element Analysis
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Overview: Though the heat transfer coefficients from the surface of conditioned floors are universally accepted, the multidimensional heat exchange processes within the slab are less understood. This presentation will illustrate using finite element analysis, the relationships between the physical and thermal characteristics of the floor. The outcome from this session will help practitioners optimise the panel heat exchanger design for enabling maximum energy and exergy efficiency from the heating and cooling system.

Learning Objectives:
1. Describe the relationships between the physical and thermal characteristics of the various elements assembled for constructing embedded pipe radiant floor cooling and heating panels.
2.Explain the limitations of 2D finite element analysis when evaluating embedded pipe systems.
3.See program
4.See program

Password protected: The files are password protected and available to ASHRAE Chicago 2015 attendees and members of our IEQ Linked-In discussion group.  Password available after January 22nd, 2015.


Instructions to obtain the password follow these exactly as stated, if we are not responding to your request see below, "Top 5 reasons why you may not be receiving the password".



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ASHRAE Chicago 2015


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Top 5 reasons why you may not be receiving the password:


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You have not posted a password request at the IEQ group as per instruction step #3


You have not included the text string as per instruction step #3


You have sent us a private email requesting the password - see instruction step #3 and step #4


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Background - we have over 800 pages at the website many with course slides and spreadsheet tools. In order for us to manage who wants what and from where, our administrative team assigns a password to a URL and uses the IEQ Linked In group to manage the request. Additionally our email is backlogged to last year so sending us private emails requesting passwords for this years conference material is an exercise in futility...if you really want the resources - please follow the instructions.

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