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ASHRAE New York 2014

Radiant Cooling and Heating: Fundamentals and Applications
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ABSTRACT: In-slab radiant heating and cooling systems continue to gain momentum on high performance buildings. A radiant design strategy embodies the integration of architectural design and HVAC systems design
with overall energy efficiency and comfort in mind. This seminar explores the fundamental concepts of how in-slab radiant systems work, how they are designed, constructed and controlled, and how they can be used as part of an energy efficient design solution to maximize energy performance.

Password protected: The files are password protected and available to ASHRAE New York 2014 attendees and members of our IEQ Linked-In discussion group.  Password available after January 22nd, 2014.

Instructions (read and follow carefully):

  1. Download slides (9mb file - save to desktop)

  2. Join our IEQ Linked-In discussion group - READ CAREFULLY: we are unable to send passwords to non IEQ members, nor through other Linked-In must join the IEQ group in order for us to send you the password. It's just way easier for us to manage content revision notifications.

  3. Follow up to an existing request or start a new thread with this text, "please send me the password for the ASHRAE New York 2014 Seminar Radiant Cooling and Heating: Fundamentals and Applications at this URL <>"

  1. Post any questions you have in the open forum...before sending us private emails for assistance please see this page on services.

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