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Not for profit educational resource on indoor environmental quality.
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educational programs on indoor environmental quality

We're running it again, Integrated HVAC Engineering: Mastering Comfort, Health, and Efficiency.

ASHRAE Annual General Meeting
St. Louis, MO

Our educational programs would not be possible without support from industry, and specifically the contributions from Uponor who are actively involved in ASHRAE on numerous committees and permit us to develop and deliver programs for the benefit of society.

Seminar Part 1: Residential Case Study Project Lessons Learned From Designing A Hybrid Radiant Based HVAC System.

Home owners are seeking out radiant cooling and heating systems due to demonstrated benefits of comfort and efficiency. Designers unfamiliar with these hybrid systems need not break new ground. This seminar discusses the mistakes and lessons learned in client engagement, budgeting, load calculations, design and tendering a hybrid radiant based HVAC system for a private home located in the great lakes region.

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Seminar Part 2: Case Study Using ASHRAE Standard 55 To Solve Potential Comfort Problems In A Cold Climate Residence

ASHRAE Standard 55 Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy can be a valuable tool for identifying potential thermal comfort problems in homes. By defining difficult zones, proactive decisions can be made to improve the enclosure in those specific areas and/or develop hybrid mechanical solutions as preventive measures. This seminar demonstrates how the Standard and on-line tool was used to solve potential problem zones in a cold climate residence.

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