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Radiant Floor Heating

Project: Fairville Farms, New Shop, 55,000 ft2 (5110m2)

Figure 1. Truck Wash

Figure 2. Mechanic Shop

Figure 3. Welding Shop

Figure 4. Woodworking


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This particular project started in 2011, is an owner-built 55,000ft2 (5110m2) radiant floor heated multi-purpose building for Fairville Farms of southeast Alberta; operating fluid temperature at an outdoor temperature of -40F/C have ranged between 100F (38C)  and 120F (49C); with return temperatures floating between 75F (27C) and 90F (32C) during 30% to 70% load profiles.

The building houses a mechanic shop, vehicle storage, truck wash, welding shop, carpentry shop, plumbing shop, field office and water treatment facility.

Peter Sraum, heating technician and department manager for B.A. Robinson worked with Fairville Farms on concepts, product brands, preliminary design and schematics.

We were brought in to do the final engineering, drawings/specifications and site inspections for the space heating; we also provided feasibility study for the engineering and schematics for the exhaust and make up air systems.

Permission granted to use photo's provided the following credit is noted: Photo copy written (c) 2013 Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.) Used with permission.

Figure 5 Fairville Farms of southeast Alberta (northwest corner).

Figure 6. Fairville Farms: New Shop; mechanic bays, truck wash, welding shop, carpentry shop, plumbing shop, field shop, and water treatment facility.

Figure 7. Boiler room schematic.

Figure 8. Distribution piping schematic and specifications.

Figure 8a. Zoning and piping assembly details including expansion loops for underground PEXa distribution lines .

Figure 9. Boiler room - 1,600,000 Btu/hr input includes hot water for truck wash.

Figure 10. Boiler room, three primary space heating boilers (400MBH each) plus one boiler for space heating and hot water for truck wash.

Figure 11. Zoning and underground distribution lines for remote manifolds.

Figure 11a. Pre-insulation photo of zoning and underground distribution lines (PEXa) feeding remote floor heating manifolds.

Figure 12. Each zone includes control valve, service valves and circuit setters (see Figure 14). These lines feed the remote floor heating manifolds.

Figure 13. Combination low loss header and air separator with T & P instrumentation.

Figure 14. Close up of zone, flow regulation and servicing valves feeding each set of remote manifolds.

Figure 15. Internal pressure regulated variable speed circulators with check and service valves.

Figure 16. Boiler 1, 2 and 3 for space heating and boiler 4 (far right) for space heating and hot water for truck wash (see Figure 17).

Figure 16a. Boiler for space heating and hot water for truck wash (see Figure 17 for truck wash water heater).

Figure 17. Plate heat exchanger for truck wash hot water.

Figure 18. System fill and expansion tanks.

Figure 19. Distribution lines and floor heating manifold cabinet for truck wash. Note also the high volume auto-air vent with service valve.

Figure 20. Underground PVC sleeves for larger diameter distribution pipe (PEXa) feeding remote radiant manifolds. Note the 2" (50mm) rigid insulation placed under the slab throughout. High density insulation was placed in the mechanic and truck wash areas.

Figure 21. Electrical control panel for boilers, pumps and zone controls. On-board boiler controls handles fluid temperature, priority and duty rotation.

Figure 22. Venting for the four boilers plus boiler room relief (right duct) and boiler room supply air (left duct).

Ventilation details coming soon

You are most welcome to email us to see if our design schedule fits with your build schedule. At the very least we can provide you with an hourly telephone consult to help you plan your next project.

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