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ndoor Environmental Quality: particulate matter

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Goosebumps: (high res image allow 60 seconds to load)
Credit: Martin Dohrn / Science Photo Library.

Macrophotograph of the skin on the arm of a young male human showing goosebumps on the outer cornified (keratinised) epidermis. The skin surface shows erectile hairs, which with sweat glands & blood capillaries form part of the temperature-regulatory mechanism of the body. Hairs are produced by hair follicles, which are cylindrical downgrowths of the surface epithelium ensheathed by connective tissue. A bundle of smooth muscle, the arrector pili muscle, is attached to the connective tissue sheath of each follicle. When contracted, the hair stands on end & its point of insertion is pulled down, causing the effect known as "goosebumps".

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