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Indoor Air Quality - Article Resources
We've combed through Environmental Health Perspectives and provide these links to their article archives.

Content Source: Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP)

Note: Environmental Health Perspectives (EHP) has moved all these files and we've created a project to repair all the links...i.e. none of the links below work.

Persistent Pesky Dust Mites
(116N7 Beat: A290)

Not Finished Yet
Potera, Carol. (116N5 FOR: A199)

Unwelcome Guest: PBDEs in Indoor Dust
Betts, Kellyn S. (116N5 FOC: A202-A208)

Bringing Green Homes within Reach: Healthier Housing for More People
Schmidt Charles W. (116N1 FOC: A24-A31)

Lemon-Fresh Ozone
Burton, Adrian. (115N7 FOR: A350)

A Spreading Concern: Inhalation Health Effects of Mold
Weinhold, Bob. (115N6 FOC: A300-A305)

Displaced Enthusiasm?
Manuel, John. (115N3 FOR: A129)

Unwelcome Guest: Airborn Staph in Homes
Potera, Carol(114N12 SS: A715)

The New Lore of Spores
Wakefield, Julia. (114N10 FOR: A576)

Headliners: Effects in Infants from Tobacco Smoke, Mold, and Older Siblings
Phelps, Jerry. (114N10 NIEHS: A582)

Swimming in Allergens: Pool Use and Atopic Asthma in Children
Spivey, Angela. (114N10 SS: A600)

Ironic Breeze
(114N8 Beat: A463)

Will Work for Air
Manuel, John. (114N6 FOR: A345)

Keeping the Home Fires Burning Cleaner: Solid Fuel Use, Health, and the Millennium Development Goals
Fields, Scott. (114N3 SS: A178)

Action for Indoor Air
(114N1 Beat: A25)

WHO Knows About Radon?
(113N12 Beat: A811)

Indoor Air Complaints: Acute Effects Not Seen Indoors
Weinhold, Bob. (113N11 SS: A760)

Ionizing Air Cleaners Zapped
Hood, Ernie. (113N7 FOR: A450)

“Cabin Fever” Fears Unfounded
(113N7 Beat: A449)

Dwelling Disparities
Hood, Ernie. (113N5 FOC: A310-318)

On Closer Inspection: Taking a Fresh Look at the Whole Home Environment
Spivey, Angela. (113N5 INN: A320-A323)

Investigating Indoor Air
Hood, Ernie. (113N3 FOR: A158)

Swimmer’s Lung? Indoor Pools and Respiratory Effects
Spivey, Angela. (112N17 SS: A1006)

National Meeting Breaks the Mold
Wakefield, Julie. (112N14 NIEHS: 810-811)

HVAC Officemate
Manuel, John. (112N6 FOR: A346)

Headliners: Mold Exposure in First Year of Life May Lead to Asthma
Phelps, Jerry. (112N1 NIEHS: A31)

Poisoning Young Minds? Methyl Parathion May Be Linked to Neurodevelopment Problems
Eubanks, Mary. (112N1 SS: A50-A51)

Home, Green Home
Spivey, Angela. (111N16 FOR: A873)

EHPnet: Household Products Database
Dooley, Erin E. (111N16 FOR: A875)

How Safe Are Swimming Pools?
Spivey, Carol. (111N13 FOR: A694)

Dedicated Outdoor Air Systems: Rx for Sick Buildings
Manuel, John S. (111N13 INN: A712-A715)

Mold’s Worst Friend
(111N12 BEAT: A637)

A Downward Spiral? The Hazards of Mosquito Coils
Tenenbaum, David J. (111N12 SS: A659)

Indoor Air Innovation
(111N10 BEAT: A519)

The Quest for Fire: Hazards of a Daily Struggle
Manuel, John. (110N1 FOC: A28-A33)
What’s that Smell?
Potera, Carol. (110N8 FOR: A454)

Learning the Hard Way: The Poor Environment of America’s Schools
Julie Wakefield. (110N6 FOC: A298–A304)

NO2--The Inside Story: By-Product May Be a Problem
Hood, Ernie. (110N2 SS: A92)

Cooking Up Problems for Babies: Wood Smoke and Low Birth Weight
Barrett, Julia R. (110N1 SS: A42)

Smoking in Small Places: Separation Is the Only Solution
Alderson, Laura. (109N10 SS: A490)

Healthy Indoor Painting Practices
Greene, Lindsey A. (108N12 FOR: A550)

Asbestos at Home
(108N7 BEAT: A301)

Another Reason to Grab the Top Bunk
(108N6 BEAT: A255)

The Core of the Candle Problem
Potera, Carol. (108N4 FOR: A165)

Reducing Radon State by State
Greene, Lindsey A. (108N4 FOR: A166)

Multiplying Microbials
(108N4 BEAT: A165)

Mycotoxins: Of Molds and Maladies
Barrett, Julia R. (108N1 FOC: A20-A23)

Proposal to Boost Children's Health
(107N10 FOR: A500-A501)

The Plane Truth about Disinsection
(107N8 FOR: A397-A398)

Hazards for Skaters and Swimmers
(107N7 FOR: A344)

EHPnet: Instructions for Breathing Easier
(107N7 FOR: A347)

A Healthy Home Environment?
Manuel, John. (107N7 FOC: A352-A357)

Green Houses
Tibbetts, John. (104N10 FOC: 1036-1039)

High-tech Hazards
Fields, Scott. (104N7 FOC: 700-703)

A Breath of Fresh Air
(102N10 FOR: 819-820)

Percs of the Job
(102N1 FOR: 42-43)

On the Carpet
(101N5 FOR: 391-392)

Radon Prevention Program Hits High Gear
(101N4 FOR: 280)

Indoor Allergens Endanger Health
(101N4 NIEHS: 286)

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