Online educational resource on achieving indoor environmental quality with radiant based HVAC systems
Not for profit educational resource on indoor environmental quality.
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Fundamentals of indoor environmental quality / thermal comfort and air quality solutions using radiant based HVAC

Established in 2004, is the pro-bono educational arm of Indoor Climate Consulting Inc.

For free support on indoor  climates, HVAC, IAQ, IEQ, comfort, energy and systems browse our web pages or visit our public on-line discussion group.

Use our fee based professional services for one on one support for commercial, industrial and residential projects.

Note: During 2019 we will be winding down our project engineering services but will continue to offer telephone based consultation services.

Indoor Climate Consulting Inc. - telephone/zoom consultation services
#2206, 901-10th Ave SW
Calgary, Alberta, T2R 0B5
Accounting (403) 560-5769

We've not updated our security protocols for compliance for Googles new features. If you need private consulting send us a text message at 403.560.5769 and we'll set up an invoice payable securely through PayPal or interact.

Option 1: 90 minute comprehensive telephone/zoom consultation = $412.50 USD (other currencies converted from USD) plus tax if applicable. Includes discussions on indoor environmental quality (sound, light, odours, vibrations, air and thermal quality), architectural systems (enclosures including insulation, windows and air tightness), interior systems (including flooring, paints and out-gassing) mechanical systems (system types includes filtration) and contractor relationships (hiring, tendering).

If an architectural drawing review is required prior to the call use item below

Option 2: 120 minute comprehensive telephone/zoom consultation with drawing review = $550 USD budget for call (other currencies converted from USD) plus tax if applicable. Includes Option 1 items plus review of architectural drawings. Note: this covers most homes under 5000 sf. For larger and more complex systems email us for a quote.


Option 3: Thermal comfort risk assessment services. Using computer software tools we will identify problem areas and provide a risk assessment for thermal discomfort. Using this service owners and designers will become aware of potential outcomes and can correct with changes to architectural and HVAC systems before final drawings and construction. Send us a text message (1-403-560-5769) if you are interested in this service.

Additional notes:
For more comprehensive services related to residential buildings see: How much should you budget for design/engineering fees for residential HVAC systems?

For more comprehensive services related to commercial and industrial buildings contact us for details.

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