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These ASHRAE Standards can make a difference to your child


Available online from the ASHRAE bookstore

Additional Reading
Professor Alan Hedge
Cornell University and
Syracuse University

"My room is really, really warm. We open up to the playground so opening up the window isn’t always the greatest of options, because it might get your room cooler, but it also
brings in more noise, and that certainly does affects the kids and their behavior and how much learning can go in in the classroom."
IJDL | 2013 | Volume 4, Issue 2 | Pages 41-55



Education and the Built Environment:
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If you could improve your child's learning experience through improvements in the built environment...would you?

Research shows, indoor environmental quality reduces errors, improves work and promotes learning.

"...air quality and temperatures in classrooms are important factors in the learning process and improving them should be given as much priority as improving teaching materials and methods."

 ASHRAE Journal Vol. 48, Oct. 2006.

Suggested Reading:  ASHRAE 1257-RP, Indoor Environmental Effects On The Performance Of School Work By Children

Sponsoring Technical Committee: TC 2.1 Physiology and Human Environment Contractor: International Centre for Indoor Environment and Energy (ICIEE) Department of Mechanical Engineering (MEK) Technical University of Denmark (DTU) Principal Investigators: David P. Wyon, Ph.D., Pawel Wargocki, Ph.D.

The following related papers can also be accessed through the ASHRAE Bookstore:

  1. High Performance Schools: High Marks for Energy Efficiency, Humidity Control, Indoor Air Quality & First Cost

  2. Impact of Ventilation Modifications on Indoor Air Quality Characteristics at an Elementary School

  3. Improving Indoor Air Quality Improves the Performance of Office Work and School Work and Provides Economic Benefits

  4. A Methodology for Analyzing the Association Between Student Performance and Indoor Air Quality

  5. Indoor Environmental Quality in Schools and Academic Performance of Students: Studies from 2004 to Present

  6. The Effects of Moderately Raised Classroom Temperatures and Classroom Ventilation Rate on the Performance of Schoolwork by Children

  7. The Effects of Electrostatic Particle Filtration and Supply-Air Filter Condition in Classrooms on the Performance of Schoolwork by Children

  8. The Effects of Outdoor Air Supply Rate and Supply Air Filter Condition in Classrooms on the Performance of Schoolwork by Children

  9. Research Report: Effects of HVAC on Student Performance

  10. Acoustical Case Studies of HVAC Systems in Schools

  11. RP-1257 -- Indoor Environmental Effects On The Performance Of School Work By Children

  12. Wyon, D.P., Wargocki, P., How Indoor Environment Affects Performance. ASHRAE Journal, 55:3(46-55), March 2013

Additional Resources:

Barrett, P., Davies, F., Zhang, Y., Barrett, L. (2015) The impact of classroom design on pupils’ learning: Final results of a holistic, multi-level analysis. Building and Environment
Barrett, P., Zhang, Y., Moffat, J., Kobbacy,K. An holistic, multi-level analysis identifying the impact of classroom design on pupils' learning. Building and Environment, 59 (2013), pp. 678–689
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Heschong Mahone Group, Windows and Classrooms: A Study of Student Performance and the Indoor Environment, 2003, Californian Energy Commission: Fair Oaks CA.



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