Online educational resource on achieving indoor environmental quality with radiant based HVAC systems
Not for profit educational resource on indoor environmental quality.
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Fundamentals of indoor environmental quality / thermal comfort and air quality solutions using radiant based HVAC

I met Nate online a few years back when he and his business partner were finding their way through the world of home performance contracting. There is no one more tenacious and diligent when it comes to digging deep down into the subject matter. Then what does he do? He takes most of what he has learned over years of practice and theory and puts it into a book written in plain language so the average Jill and Joe can make better decisions when it comes to their home comfort.  It doesn't get any better than this - it's in my library and should be in yours - highly recommended!

Here's some thermal visuals of a radiator heating up then moving into the radiant/convection mode..
comfort and energy - that's what it is all about.


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