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Learn more about response times with different radiant surfaces.

Consumers are advised to work with contractors who have received certification from one or more of the associations below.

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Radiant Heating
Radiant Floor Heating

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Typical Radiant Surfaces for Cooling and Heating
Click Images for Details

Radiant heated concrete
Slab on Grade Systems
Click here to download carpet information
Heat Transfer Plate Systems
Click here for radiant and hardwood
Sub Floor Plate Surface Systems
Heated laminate flooring
Sub Floor Board Surface Systems
Click here for a technical article on tiles and radiant heating
Sub Floor Board Surface Systems
heated tile floors
Sub Floor Poured Surface System
Click here for feature article on radiant heated tiles
Poured Floor Systems
radiant retrofits
Staple Up Systems
snow melting systems
Snow Melt Systems
radiant walls
Radiant Walls
radiant ceilings
Radiant Ceilings
Radiant slide show
Radiant Slide Show

Looking for Mechanical Schematics and Architectural Details?

Visit our pages on radiant cooling.

The materials at this page are made available by the generosity of our sponsors, supporters and those who have downloaded the Guide to Indoor Quality Comfort and the Architectural Guide to Radiant Based HVAC Systems. Your support is appreciated and valued.

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