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radiant cooling for thermal comfort

We want to thank George Hoekstra and Invensys for their permission to use edited clips from their informative video production on radiant cooling.  George is an active international member of ASHRAE and volunteers on Technical Committee 6.5 Radiant and In-Space Convective Heating and Cooling


Radiant Based Cooling Systems and Equipment - Part 4
Click image to view video clips
Part I: Introduction

Part II: Comfort, Quiet and Productivity, History and Radiant Cooling Technology, Global Use, Combined Air and Water Systems, Thermographic Images, Animated Systems.
Part III: Systems, Energy Efficiency, Higher Heat Loads in Newer Buildings, Water as a Coolant vs. Air, Reduced Air Duct Sizes
Part IV: Architecture, Reduced Ceiling Heights, Economics, Product and Installation Options
Part V: Condensation Issues, Comfort Surveys, Conclusion

go to part I - click here Introduction
go to part II - click here, Controlling the Relative Humidity
go to part III - click here, Heating and Cooling Comfort Systems
go to part V - click here, Featured Project, Manitoba Hydro Office Building



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