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radiant cooling for thermal comfort

Manitoba Hydro Offices
22 Story Radiant Heated and Cooled Office Project
22 Story Radiant Heated and Cooled Office Project
Image Source: Manitoba Hydro/Canadian Architect

Suggested reading

Ten things to know about radiant cooling systems
By Geoff McDonell, PEng , LEEP AP, Senior Mechanical Engineer, OMICRON, Vancouver,

Radiant Based Cooling Systems and Equipment - Part 5
Click image image below to view flash presentation


Manitoba Hydro Office Building CSA Presentation

Additional information on radiant system including a photo gallery of other projects.

part I - click here Introduction
part II - click here, Controlling the Relative Humidity
part III - click here, Heating and Cooling Comfort Systems
part IV - click here, Radiant Cooling Video Clips
part V - click here, Featured Project, Manitoba Hydro Office Building
part VI - click here, TED Talks, TransSolar Outdoor Comfort and Radiant Cooling

So you think this radiant cooling stuff is new?

Check out this graphic from R. W. Shoemaker, Radiant Heating, New York: McGraw-Hill, 1948. Note the non-electric heat/cool weather compensated controls for maintaining fluid temperatures. Yes, that would be well over 60 years ago!

Did you find the primary/secondary connections for the cooling system just to the right of the circulator? The manual summer-winter valves and cooling bypass would have been alternated to engage the flow either through the boiler or source of cooled water.


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