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Misleading Claims on the Web 3...Brand-A

Example #1 : This statement comes directly from Brand A's site in reference to mass insulation versus their so called 'dream insulation'...

"Mass insulations (Foam boards/extruded polystyrene) even though they may have high R-Values (depending on thickness) will eventually stabilize at that constant ground temperature of 55 degrees or lower depending on climate. Therefore the mass insulation provides a constant drain on the radiant system and the slab. This is where the pure aluminum center leaf comes into effect. It provides an effective thermal break with the foam layers and prevents the slab or heating system from seeking the cold ground below it, thereby allowing the slab to reach temperature sooner and help the system perform more efficiently."

HH comment: Clearly this sales company has no background in heat transfer. Insulation is resistance, it doesn't drain anything not even heat. Furthermore, the  aluminum in the 'dream insulation' is a conductor when in contact with another surface ergo it's capacity as a reflector is zero - zip - notta...given the choice between foil as heat conductor and insulation as heat resistance...we're going with the mass insulation and so should you.

If you've bought into this brands sales pitch contact the Federal Trade Commission toll-free #: 1-877-(382-4357)

If you know others who are considering this product have them read the warnings from consumer protection groups and research reports listed at our main page.

Learn more about insulation and radiant cooling and heating here. Note: Allow up to 60 seconds to load. 


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