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radiant floor heat

Integrated Design Program: How to establish low energy allowances for delivering thermal comfort and indoor air quality in modern or modernized buildings.

Tubes in heat transfer tracking system
Radiant heated wall detail (click to enlarge)

drywall over radiant wall
Radiant heated wall detail (click to enlarge)



Radiant Walls: The upstanding choice in retrofit applications
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Radiant walls enable the retrofit of spaces without having to destroy ceiling heights and ceiling and floor finishes. It's the perfect way to remodel a finished space in our opinion. Having worked and lived with radiant walls as well as floors, I can say the walls are a close second to the floors and ceilings for thermal comfort. No doubt the radiant walls we have in our basement renovation are simply superb during cold months.

The wall in the background is heated to about 9ft and is the primary source of heat for our living room. Many people get bent out of shape regarding hanging pictures and piercing pipe but proper construction surveying and recording of the supporting framing members solves this problem. Also note we humidify the room year round for our musical instruments and other moisture sensitive items using a constant low flow air handler with a steam humidifier. In extreme conditions we use the heating coil in the air handler as a second stage of heat (see Figure 2 from the hybrid page.).

I've shown these images to point out that pictures and moulding (molding for my US friends) can retain their integrity over the long term (going on 9 years of exposure to a heated wall). These paintings by Anthony Law were back lined with bubble  insulation (likely one of the only good applications for the stuff)...if I were to do this again I would include this add-on as part of the picture framing contract...(they much better than I at the minutia of presenting art) you can't see the insulation unless you get to the perspective that these photo were taken.

Many ways to handle the this case we framed out the heated wall above the existing receptacles. Makes for interesting shadows under evening lighting.

For the heated wainscoting the electrical was incorporated as it would with any other type of wall using a deep receptacle box.

radiant heated wall - basement office
Radiant heated wainscoting - basement office...the nice part of the wall heating in the office is how it enables the body to retain its heat resulting in a very nice warming sensation. A stark contrast to cold basement walls.

radiant heated wall - basement bathroom
Radiant heated wainscoting - basement bathroom...simply a superb method of conditioning a bathroom renovation.

radiant heated wall - basement laundry room
Radiant heated wainscoting in our basement laundry room.

radiant heated wall - basement storage room
Radiant heated wall (right side of photo)- basement: clothes drying and storage room...I don't know a person who doesn't love this room...we use this HRV for moisture control for this room and the basement.

 radiant heated wall - wainscoting
Radiant heated wainscoting - basement entrance area...this is the heated sidewall as you come into the basement through the garage stairs...even in -40F/C this wall can maintain comfort in the space when moving supplies and waste in and out of the basement.

This is an image from a finite element analysis project we've completed for below grade heated wall.

Shown is the PEX-a tube installed in the tracking panel - sandwiched between the outer drywall and the plywood backing just barely visible to the right of the tube. The plywood backing served as a nailer for the tracking panels and wainscoting.

Shown is the wall "story board" the event its necessary to locate tubes these guides will show us where they have been placed in the wall.

radiant wallsRecommended total exterior wall insulation: For cold climates, exterior above grade wall R value (architectural detail):
3500-5500 HDD
5500-8000 HDD
over  8000 HDD



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Construction Considerations
Building code requirements for insulation and vapour barriers.

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