Online educational resource on achieving indoor environmental quality with radiant based HVAC systems
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Free online resource is an on-line educational resource for those who want to self-study indoor climates, building and health sciences related to buildings, radiant based HVAC systems and dedicated outdoor air systems.

Since 2004 we have developed over 1.6 GB of information for you to access for free. This complimentary service is operated as a not for profit and funded by your donations and contributions from volunteers and other organizations and educational institutes. Use the search feature in the side bar to quickly access topics of your interest

Pro bono guidance (definition of pro bono)

If you want to participate in pro bono discussions with general questions regarding indoor air quality, indoor comfort quality, radiant based HVAC systems, equipment, applications, projects etc., heat recovery, humidification etc..., or want to participate in general discussions on the business of buildings, product ergonomics, marketing, public relations, research in the building and health sciences etc...then use our Linked-In discussion group - pro bono help: post your question and comments hereNote: if you are seeking free help with an existing mechanical and building system or equipment, we suggest using one of the many other free online help forums such as, or

Disclaimer: The downside to public forums is others will likely jump in, which can sometimes be disruptive and unproductive. When that happens your job is not to develop, “paralysis through analysis”.  If you don't want to deal with multiple personalities giving conflicting opinions and sometimes questionable advice - then use our Fee Based services.

If this site is helping you out, consider helping us out by making a donation today. 100% of all contribution go towards maintaining the site and adding new content.

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