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Radiant based HVAC systems - bibliography / resources

RB's Recommended Indoor Environmental Quality Resources

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Huts and History is a fascinating read about Civil War camp designs including the application of radiant heating in hospitals.

Indoor Climate an productivity in Offices shows how to quantify the effects of indoor environments.

National Older Adult Housing Survey is a useful resource for looking at the needs of older adults.

Changing Demographics is a collection of roundtable discussions on Aging.

The American Comfort Survey™ by Decision Analysts remains a top read.

Aging in Place provides an in–depth look at what your
prospective clients want and need.

ANSI/ASHRAE Standard 55, Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy provides the parameters for satisfying the majority of occupants in a space.

Achieving the desired indoor climate present the latest know-how on the compound connections between the indoor climate and energy efficiency.

Architecture in the Family Way: doctors, houses, and women, 1870-1900 is about  how attitudes toward health, women, home life and politics influenced architecture.

The ASHRAE GreenGuide is a useful reference for those who want to understand the issues regarding high-performance design from an integrated building systems perspective.

A Guide to Indoor Air Quality is a free document from the U.S. EPA and the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission, Office of Radiation and Indoor Air.

Chinese Architecture and Planning : Ideas, Methods, Technique shares much from the past including building design and heating systems. Asian design has influenced American architects such as Frank Lloyd Wright.

The Radiant heating and Cooling Handbook is a must have for the building scientists and indoor environmental specialist. It's robust content is for general to advanced studies on occupant comfort and radiant exchange.

ASHRAE's Indoor Air Quality Guide is a practical reference tool for design professionals and those responsible for managing and maintaining buildings. There are two versions - a .pdf overview which can be downloaded free  or the full version...both from the ASHRAE bookstore

The Indoor Environment Handbook
Ensuring that buildings are healthy and comfortable for their occupants is a primary concern of all architects and building engineers. This highly practical handbook will help make that process more efficient and effective.



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