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How floor coverings affect boiler efficiency in radiant heating systems:
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Presuming you have studied the page on, "How to use the ASHRAE Design Graph for Sensible Heating and Cooling with Floor and Ceiling Panels", the above illustration transposes the average fluid temperatures from various scenarios (left side of picture) to the boiler efficiency based on return temperatures (right hand side). Essentially what this tells you is that low return water temperatures which produce high boiler efficiencies, come from using highly conductive floors heated with a high tube spacing density (less 12" O.C.) in high performance buildings (HPB) having very low heating loads. For example, the highest efficiency occurs when the return temperature is equal to the average unconditioned surface temperature (AUST) of the space. This principle also applies to heat pumps and chillers and all other sources of heated and chilled fluids. For further studies see our discussion on
effectiveness coefficients.


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