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Should you fully insulate under concrete slabs on or below grade?
Below grade comparison
Downward heat loss tools

Below are still images from an FEA animation of annual transient soil temperatures around a basement in Calgary, Alberta. We developed this animation for educational purposes to illustrate the dynamics of thermal loading on the various elements of below grade structures at various elevations around the foundation.










Wolfram CFD soil temperature interactive demonstration tool

Kehrer, M., Pallin, S. Hygrothermal Material Properties for Soils in Building Science, Journal of the National Institute of Building Sciences. October, 2013.
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Calculating downward heat loss - design tools
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Calculating the downward loss from a slab on grade or below grade slab is both an art and a science. There are several accepted manual methods in various publications including the ASHRAE Handbooks. These manual methods though good, do not reflect the dynamics which occur for slabs particularly if the slabs are cooled and heated.

Three tools that we use are CANMET's 'BASECalc' tool for basement heat loss, BLOCON's 'Slab' for slab on grade heat loss and PDE Solutions 'FlexPDE' for detailed modeling. All programs can do steady state or transient calculations. Only the FlexPDE provides a thorough analysis of heated and cooled slabs. We provide some screen shots of the various tools below.


CANMET's BASECalc Tool for below grade basements



BLOCON's Slab Tool for slab on grade construction

PDE Soultions FlexPDE for detailed analysis of below grade heated slabs

PDE Soultions FlexPDE for detailed analysis of below grade heated walls

PDE Soultions FlexPDE for detailed analysis of on grade heated slabs

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