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Robert's experience with solar started in the early 80's with a career highlight doing the initial design and specifications for a 1989/90 American Science Foundation Project in the Antarctic.

It was a joint US/Cdn mission with VisionWall of Edmonton, Alberta supplying the high performance windows and Atco Structures of Calgary, Alberta supplying the buildings.

It was during this project he met Patrick Spearing of Thermomax Industries and was introduced to the vacuum tube solar collector technology.

Following the project, withdrawal of government subsidies essentially shutdown the solar industry in North America for a decade but during this time Thermomax survived and continues to be a world class leader in solar collectors.

RB's only words of wisdom to consumers is avoid the low cost imitators.  It is simply not worth the headaches one purchases from low cost importers. 

Solar Heating
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Solar Heating for North America:
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evacuated tube solar collectors
Photo Credit: Jeffrey Campbell, Simply Radiant Heating

Evacuated Tube Technology has a long term proven record around the world and in the harshest climates.

Solar Intensities for Canada.

Solar Intensities of the United States.

Explore the solar simulator courtesy of The University of Nebraska-Lincoln astronomy education group.

1. NASA, Clouds and Earth's Radiant Energy System, CERES

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