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Fundamentals of indoor environmental quality / thermal comfort and air quality solutions using radiant based HVAC


You can find plenty of talk about comfort and indoor environmental quality, but the ugly truth is that few actually know what those terms mean. Robert Bean’s free book, Thermal Comfort Principles and Practical Applications for Residential Buildings, lays out the facts. Early on, he clears up the confusion about what thermal comfort actually is, how indoor environmental quality is different from indoor air quality, and why we all should care. He takes the reader through discussions of human factor design, the integrated design process, and the ASHRAE thermal comfort standard he’s spent years helping to craft. And he dives into the details of human physiology and psychology because without understanding those topics, you can’t design buildings that succeed in creating thermal comfort for the occupants. Bean makes a simple plea to those who have any impact on the design and construction of buildings: Consider the occupants. As he writes early on in the book, "people are the reason buildings exist.”
Dr. Allison A Bailes III



How to obtain your free copy (three easy steps).

1. Join this Linked-In Group: Thermal Comfort Principles and read the "About this group."
2. Send Robert Bean this message: "Please send me a copy of Thermal Comfort Principles - you have my permission to send me updates, corrections, and infrequent notifications about courses." Sign off with your name, City, State/Province, and email address.
3. Once we have the above we will send you your personal copy with a unique password.

Expand Your Knowledge

For free
Post your question on-line. If it is general in nature and not an attempt to obtain free advice for your project, Robert will answer it for the benefit of all viewers. If you need specific advice for your project see below.

For fee
One hour, three hour and two day programs are available. If you or your organization wish to participate in or host an on-line or in-class program, or if you need private project counselling, send us a message via Linked-In.


The Edifice Complex Podcast is always looking for high calibre guests who have a globally recognized voice and are challenging the status quo. If you know of an outspoken individual in a senior position with an international following that wants to blow apart how buildings are designed, fabricated, commissioned and operated we’re interested in sharing their voice. Please e-mail us or contact Adam or Robert directly.

Sponsorship and Second Edition

We are raising funds for this and the second editions which will include indoor air quality. Given the number of unique visitors and followers on social media the demand for this free book and subsequent editions will be high. If your organization wishes to sponsors this page send us a private message.


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