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Fundamentals of indoor environmental quality / thermal comfort and air quality solutions using radiant based HVAC

Human Physiology 1
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Your Body is the Perfect Example of Radiant Conditioning.

You truly have a radiant personality! Learn Why!

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We have learned the human body has its own sophisticated thermostat comprising of tens of thousands of skin sensors feeding environmental conditions through our nerves into the brain where physiological responses include everything from shivering to sweating.

We have learned the buildings we occupy directly influence our comfort level by assembling architectural and mechanical systems which create environments which are either threatening or therapeutic to our health.

We have learned that architectural/mechanical designs must be about conditioning people rather than conditioning buildings.

We have learned that radiant based HVAC systems inside energy efficient buildings remove thermal stressors which influence ones perception of wellness.

"Homeostasis (thermal regulation) is essential for the maintenance of health and its breakdown results in disease."
Faculty of Health Sciences, University of Sydney

The indoor environmental formula contributing to ones health, wellness and comfort looks like this:

IEQ = IAQ + ICQ + (dB + Lumes + Olfs) + vibration

IEQ, Indoor Environmental Quality
IAQ, Indoor Air Quality
ICQ, Indoor Comfort Quality
dB, Sound
Lumes, Light
Olfs, Odour

The instrumentation to measure thermal comfort looks like this:

Thermal Comfort

ASHRAE Standard 55 Thermal Environmental Conditions for Human Occupancy

Courtesy of Innova


To achieve IEQ in basic everyday modern construction - you need the architect, interior designer and mechanical designers to specify a radiant based HVAC system like the ones shown here.

Note the link above takes you to a technical section of our website...if it makes sense to you...great!  If it all looks like Greek - no problem...we are here to to bring you to a level of understanding that you are comfortable with. 

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Thermal comfort (ICQ) is measurable, specifiable and achievable.


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