Online educational resource on achieving indoor environmental quality with radiant based HVAC systems
Not for profit educational resource on indoor environmental quality.
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An educational resource on radiant base HVAC systems for thermal comfort andindoor air quality

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I consider Robert Bean to be one of the most knowledgeable professionals in this field. Not just in North America, but globally. Robert presents the “big picture” of how indoor environmental quality affects human comfort, productivity, and health. He is adept at explaining that it’s not just room air temperature, but rather a complex interaction of room air temperature, humidity, mean radiant temperature, ventilation rate, lighting, sound, and even odors that determine the true quality of an interior environment. Robert explains complex topics in ways that are understandable, applicable, and entertaining. He doesn’t just share his opinions, but builds his points and recommendations upon solid research, extensive references, and scientific reason. An opportunity to learn the details of integrated system design from Robert is indeed one to be savored."
- John Siegenthaler, P.E., author of "Modern Hydronic Heating"


Who are we? was established by Robert Bean in 2004 as a volunteer based not for profit educational resource serving as a technical interpreter and consolidator of academic research done between the building and health sciences.
 See some of our content contributors,  resources and sources.

Our History

Where will you find our influence?
A browser search of will show us to be referenced in technical papers, Masters and Ph.D. Level Theses and course curriculums; and you'll find Robert Bean, R.E.T., P.L.(Eng.) working on committees developing code, standards and guidelines; and you will find us in interviews and numerous publications and websites. Here's what people are saying...

Who we are not. is not a manufacturer nor wholesaler; it does not do pro-bono engineering services, buy, sell or distribute equipment nor does it do mechanical contracting. It is also not an industry association funded by membership nor is it funded by government grants.

How are we funded?

We offer select web pages for sponsorship, use donations and revenue from our education programs, Google AdSense and fee based services to support the operating costs of the site. 
 Contact us for details if you wish to help out by sponsoring one or more pages with your logo placement, submitting content, sponsoring seminars and webinars, making a financial donation or using our fee based services.
 See our website statistics for the 2012 period.

Our audience:
 We serve the general public, practitioners, students and professionals from the health and building sciences.

Our Sole Purpose:
To offer a research based site for self-study on topics bridging the health and building sciences; and to promote the benefits of radiant based HVAC systems with dedicated outdoor air systems as energy efficient solutions to indoor environmental quality challenges. 

Our Number One Positioning Statement...
 Buildings occupied by those approaching or already enjoying retirement should be designed as self contained residential healthcare centers starting with healthcare standards in building enclosures, finishes and heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems.

Our Top Five Snap Shot Visions - others are developing…

 We see the aging of a relatively wealthy North America driving a change in indoor environmental quality specifications.

 We see a continuing decline of skilled tradesmen in a rising demand for technology enhanced HVAC systems during a period of demographic significance...and forecast this will have deep ramifications for building owners and operators.

 We see an integration of air and water based systems; a hybrid to deliver independently but simultaneously air quality and comfort quality in our buildings.

 We see a evolution of combining technology and systems into pre-engineered, preassembled, pre-packaged HVAC appliances, which includes proven combustion and power generation equipment.

 We see as being an online educational leader and source of unbiased materials contributing to the advancement of science based indoor environmental quality systems.

Our Missions are many - here's a few…

 To educate consumers and design professionals on the relationship between our physiology (body), psychology (mind) and the built environment.

 To bring public awareness to the otherwise "obscure" codes, standards and guidelines available to the general public for use in specifying indoor climates and energy management systems.

 To make unbiased fact based information including architectural and mechanical design and specifications available to the general public.

 To reposition in the mind of consumers, that elements of architecture, particularly interior design and HVAC must be repositioned as being part of the healthcare industry instead of the construction industry.

Our Strategies…what we do...

 We use our industry seminars to bring awareness to the marketing of HVAC systems; particularly the evolution of hybrid systems.

 We support our missions with design seminars through industry associations, educational institutes and private clients.

 We use editorials in various magazines to discuss industry related issues.

 We use eBooks to distribute unbiased sound information to help consumers, designers, manufacturers, contractors and distributors deliver health, wellness and comfort systems

 We make available written specifications and architectural and mechanical schematics, which can be integrated into the clients building contracts.

 We contract with influential clients to develop missions, strategies, and tactics to fulfill those purposes and visions, which we have in common.

Our Tactics…how we do them...

 We work with contractors, distributors, engineers, and manufactures on site, in the field, or in the classroom on how to look at the industry through the physiology and psychology of an aging consumer…the body of a 20, 30 or 40 year old is not the same as a 50 to 90 year old…living within buildings built for the youth isn't good business.

 We train individuals on human physiology and psychology to facilitate the communication between consumer demands and construction deliverables…changes the industry from "here's what you get" to "what does your body need".

 We reveal the content of "obscure" codes, standards, and guidelines and make them understandable to the public so individuals can play a greater role in determining what they want to own as a health, wellness, and comfort system in their home. ASHRAE Standard 55 has been around for over a decade yet over 95% of the industry is not aware of its existence.

 We avoid, detour or debunk specific industry status quo, which prevents consumers from living with improved indoor environments. As one client said to us..."If I as an aging person am building my last space by investing 15% of a construction contract on my homes health, wellness and comfort system…shouldn't I be able to talk with the technicians directly responsible for creating my environment?"

Makes perfect sense to us!

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