Online educational resource on achieving indoor environmental quality with radiant based HVAC systems
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Robert Bean
ASHRAE Fellow & Distinguished Lecturer
Retired Registered Engineering Technologist In Building Constriction Engineering and Retired Professional Licensee in Mechanical Engineering

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Residential Samples

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I love sharing my knowledge and have over 30 years of professional public speaking experience in front of audiences of all types all over North America. Read some of our fan mail.

Video sample from a round table discussion.

Audio sample from a radio interview.


Private client services:

We've not updated our security protocols for compliance for Googles new features. If you need project counselling, send us a text message at 403.560.5769 and we'll set up an invoice payable securely through PayPal or interact.

Project Counselling

Effective January 1st 2019, I have retired our project engineering design services from Indoor Climate Consultants Inc. as I wind down to spend more time with my fishing rod, skis and guitar.

However, every successful project I worked on started with a 1 to 2 hour project counselling session and that service is still available for a fee.

Based on my 40+ years of experience in designing buildings and indoor environments through an informative process we will discuss these subjects:

1. Project Objectives
a. Retirement Property
b. Transitional Property
c. Investment Property

2. Human Factor Design & Indoor Environmental Quality (with emphasis on ageing and consideration for homes being a space for health, healing and end of life care)
a. Sound Quality
b. Thermal Comfort Quality
c. Indoor Air Quality
d. Lighting Quality
e. Odour Quality
f. Vibration Quality

3. Architectural Design
a. Passive vs active solutions
b. Impact on all sensory systems
c. Impact on mechanical and electrical systems complexity
d. Impact on energy conservation
e. Impact on energy efficiency
f. Impact on resiliency
g. Impact on sustainability
h. Framing styles and impact on mechanical, plumbing and electrical systems
i. Landscaping (hardscapes and softscapes) considerations for air quality, thermal comfort and sound

4. Enclosure Design
a. Window selection for light, ventilation and thermal comfort
b. Effect of solar radiation on artifacts, collectibles, paintings, musical instruments
c. Framing styles & insulation types to reduce thermal bridging and sound transmission
d. Air tightness for conservation of energy and thermal comfort and air quality
e. Foundation and soil characteristic considerations for air quality, thermal comfort and energy conservation and efficiency

5. Interior Design
a. Effects on indoor air quality, sound, thermal comfort and energy efficiency
b. Hygiene and interior finishes
c. Outgassing and particle generation from finishes

6. Mechanical Design

a. Heating options (radiant and convective systems)
b. Cooling options (radiant and convective systems)
c. Conditioning air for air, sound and thermal quality (humidity, particles and gasses)
d. Conditioning surfaces for thermal, air and sound quality
e. Domestic water heating options
f. Vacuum system consideration
g. Exhaust air from pollution sources and intake air requirements
h. Kitchen ventilation for gas and induction ranges including make up air options
i. Ventilation options including HRV or ERV's
j. Special spaces (spas, steam rooms, pools, gyms etc)



Past and present clients.
Over the years I have worked with many of the industries leading organizations in various capacities from distribution, strategic planning, product development, engineering support and education; some of these clients are listed below:

  • Armstrong

  • B.A. Robinson

  • Boone Plg & Htg.

  • Booz Allen Hamilton

  • Charlton & Hill

  • Dahl Brothers (Canada)

  • Danfoss

  • Daikin

  • Expanflex (H & G)

  • Ferguson

  • FlatPlate

  • Honeywell

  • IMI Group

  • JAGA

  • Mckinsey & Co. (Europe)

  • Myson

  • Regent Group

  • Rehau

  • Rocky Mountain Properties

  • SGL Group

  • Spirotherm

  • Taco Canada

  • Tour & Andersson

  • Uponor

  • Watts/Heatway

  • Weil McLain

  • Winters

  • Wolseley

  • ARUP


  • ACCA

  • AHAC

  • ASCC

  • AMCA



  • ASID

  • Building Science Corporation

  • Building Knowledge Canada

  • BC Building Envelope Council

  • BC Housing

  • Branch Pattern

  • Building, Design, Construction (BDC)

  • Business Information Group

  • BNP Media

  • CCTech


  • CHBA

  • COHA

  • Commercial Building Products

  • Delos (WELL)

  • ECW (Seventhwave)

  • Eden Energy

  • GeoExchange BC

  • Gov't of Alta.

  • HeatSpring Learning Institute

  • HRAI


  • Kitchen & Bath Business

  • Penton Media

  • Positive Energy

  • Passive House (Austin)

  • RPA

  • Rogers Media

  • TECA

  • Various consultants and consumers in the process of strategic planning or resolving issues.

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