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A not for profit industry resource on achieving indoor air quality and thermal comfort
An educational resource on radiant base HVAC systems for thermal comfort and indoor air quality

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"I just wanted to commend you for putting such a fantastic site together! My undergrad was in electrical engineering, so I got very little in the way of thermodynamics; going through the pages on this site has been a fun refresher course, much more entertaining than my physics class ever was. I had always wondered why there wasn't more discussion on designing a residence to optimize for sustainability and human comfort on the whole rather than on a piecemeal system-by-system basis. But after coming across your site I realize there is, hooray! May you continue to publish more of your really cool new articles and wake the industry up!"
A. Baumgartner

"I use your website for my customers to look at to help them understand." Paul McRoberts

"Hi Robert, Congrats for your beautiful site, which I've been visiting for some months now. Thanks"
F. Sargos, France

"Thanks so much Robert, as usual, you are a treasure trove of information."
Joe Kennard, Utah, USA

"Your website Healthy Heating is super informative! Great tips!"
Viet Ha, Toronto, Canada

"I refer people to your excellent web site almost daily. What a great resource."
Mark Eatherton, Instructor, Author, Contractor,
Recipient of Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence

"Thanks for such an informative site, I stand, or rather sit in awe of the work involved! I wish I'd stumbled upon it a year or more ago" Colin M.

"...thanks so much for all that you do for the industry." Steve S.

"The radiant cooling slideshow is the best coverage of the topic I've seen! Wonderful in depth coverage of the subject. This is exactly what I've been looking for! We've been designing and installing radiant cooling systems since 1974, but there has until now we've not had the academic overview to support our work. I really appreciate the hard work that has gone into this presentation. Thank you so much!" Dean N.

"You're site is terrific & now on list of resources for students who attend some classes I'm teaching."
Debra L.

"Thank you so much for sharing this with me. After witnessing your eXergy presentation, I'm certain that this presentation will also be enlightening." E.J.

"Two of the best websites ever! Way to go Bean."
Sean Giberson
Sales Manager, Residential Products, Taco (Canada) Ltd.

"Hey Robert, I have to say thanks again for ALL your help!  It has been invaluable!!!"

"Best site on the net"
Morgan Audetat, President, Badger Radiant Design

"Thanks Robert for another great job.  We had great feedback from the presentations…it’s always great working with you."
Elizabeth M.

"THANK YOU!  so much for your thorough answers!"
Mary S.

"Thanks, Robert - it’s a great article. You are always challenging the way we think!" Bill M

"I'd like to thank you for the excellent information, it's one of my favourite readings on the web." Rosalind D

"I like the healthy heating site lots of good information." Joe H

"I am constantly amazed at how generous you are with your knowledge and time on the many places I encounter your writing. Thank you for being willing to share what you have with us." Barry L.

"My husband and I went to your learning facility, in Calgary, about 2 years ago to learn about how radiant floor heating works. We had a great day and learned a lot! We did this because we were in the process of building our dream home and wanted a different heating system...We are now living in our fabulous home and have radiant heat ...and loving it!" Lindsay C

"Thanks for your in-depth response. It is wonderful to have you as a resource to draw upon." Jeff Z

"awesome resources"
Ken F., BC Building Info

"Thanks so much, for your remarkable insight" David S.

"My name is Meghan. I've been gathering material on indoor mold and toxic environments for a class project, and I just wanted to send out a quick thank you! I ran into the mold page in a Google search, and it's been a great help! Thank you so much!"
Meghan G.

"It was a pleasure to meet you and have you moderate our sessions, you did a first class job and we all really appreciated it! Kelly G.

"The best layout of all the information..." Somi Chuhon

"Bravo Robert! Thank you for contributing this excellent article!"
Jeff Persons CGD

"Have enjoyed reading your site." Gordon from Ontario

"I really love your web site and all the information you’ve provided there.  You have really opened my eyes to the poor level of HVAC design that I received when building my house. I’d like to engage you to do an assessment of my current heating system design, and help to design a heating system expansion." Richard from British Columbia 



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"Robert, Thank you for a fabulous presentation. It was all I had hoped for and more. Well done. Best personal regards,"
Joseph Lstiburek, Ph.D., P.Eng., ASHRAE Fellow, Principal, Building Science Corporation, MA, USA

"Thank you R‎obert for accepting a humble contribution to a great pursuit. The website trigger thought process for a far rational paradigm shift."
Sarfraz D., Dubai

"Congratulations!!! Really good presentation! You did an amazing work preparing it."
Diego Jendretzki, Argentina

"You have a fantastic website full of helpful resources."
Dr. Max Deuble, PhD ‏@MPDeuble, Sydney, Australia

"Great website you have, and great LinkedIn group. Reading through the topics now. Superb work." Rich B., Virginia, USA

"Your website is extremely informative and enlightening and I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through lots of your articles." R. Hofmeyr, South Africa

"You have a very interesting and well written web site and I enjoyed reading your material on thermal comfort." Ron E, United Kingdom

"Great article, it's nice when the laws of physics are plain to see, and we don't get the usual "opinion" driven design." Geoff McDonell P.Eng., Vancouver, Canada

", what a great way to end my trip to Calgary, I just learned so much from Robert Bean...mind blowing" #p2syyc
Lloyd Alter Managing Editor, Editor of Design / Toronto, TreeHugger

"Fascinating stuff!" #p2syyc
Chris Turner, L
ecturer and award winning author of The Leap: How to Survive and Thrive in the Sustainable Economy and many others.

"Thank you for creating such a great resource on the web and providing such great detail on radiant heating and cooling." Tariq K., Texas, USA

"Thanks again and we will keep you posted on our progress - your knowledge and encouragement has been part of the inspiration for trying to find a better way to build!" D & S F. Calgary, Ab., Canada

"It is rare when such a course is as open ended as yours. It was better than most university level courses that I have taken. Our class discussions regarding radiant walls, floors, simplicity and systems were excellent."
C.D. Cucco, B.Env.St., B. Arch., M.Eng., P.Eng.

Thank you all for your time and expertise. I believe my question has been answered tenfold. I clearly came to the right place!
C.E. McDonald Jr., Architect

"You're always on the cutting edge!"
Murray Pound, V.P Operations, Gold Seal Master Builders, Alberta, Canada

“Success! I'm a VERY happy camper…I've downloaded your stuff and am happily reading it… The donation is well deserved and thanks for what you're doing.” Marian R.

"This is so great. I really appreciate what you've provided for me." S.D.

"...your site which is extremely impressive and useful, I have made it one of my favorites as I think it will take a bit of time to go through things properly, a great resource..." C.M.

"There are leaders and there are followers in all businesses. And then there are visionaries who point the way.”
Dan Holohan, Author, Lecturer, Industry Spokesman, Long Island, NY, USA

"Great site! Really informative and thought provoking. I really like your scientific and practical approach at how the human body interacts with the conditioned environment. It's a very unique and well thought out way of looking at the importance of mechanical systems." C.P.

"I continue to marvel at your website! Great variety of topics and interesting information. Thanks for the all the work and service to the industry."
John Siegenthaler,P.E., Author of Modern Hydronics and Principal of Appropriate Designs, New York

" the top of my list of those who have had a positive and tremendous wallop of an impact on this industry. A tidal wave of information and education".
Dave Yates, President, F.H.Behler, Instructor, Author, Contractor
Recipient of Carlson-Holohan Industry Award of Excellence.  York, Pennsylvania

"..tireless champion of human comfort."
Andrew Hagen

"You have taken a confusing, and sometimes scary subject for consumers, and broken it down to a very understandable level."
Bob 'Hot Rod' Rohr

"...your website is amazing."
Paul Izenstark, Director of Technical Services, Warmboard,Inc.

"I had the great pleasure of being involved in the group presentation with Robert Bean & Dan Holohan in Vancouver, Canada. Dan is 100% right, Robert Bean is a motivator… he opens your mind ...makes you look at the industry in a different way…any company in this industry will benefit from working with him. Thank you both Dan and Robert for making a difference, both in my life and my co-workers.”
Kim Peters

After dinner, Mr. Bean educated the members on the economic and market forces that impact the way we do business. as Dan Holohan says, "Robert sees things most of us miss". how right you are, Dan.”
Dan Foley, Foley Mechanical, West Virginia, USA

“Robert, your website is probably the most comprehensive, yet easy to follow that I have yet to see. Your vision, knowledge and of course sunny disposition puts you as one of the real stewards of our industry. Keep it up!!”
Jan Andersson, Minnesota, USA

I wanted to thank you for coming to speak for our dinner meeting.  I have heard nothing but rave reviews about your presentation!  The only problem I have now is…that you set the bar so high for the rest of the year...the chapter really appreciated having you here..."
B.E. Chapter Program Manager, Canada

"As with any course although the content is important, it’s the instructor that makes the largest impact.  Thanks very much, you did a great job instructing the course.  I am looking forward to applying what you taught and will certainly be recommending this course to some of our customers as well.
Matthew L.

"It was a pleasure meeting you, and listening to you at the breakfast meeting for the Hydronic Council. It opened my eyes, well done."
Paul M.

"Out of the park that one was and as an industry you're absolutely right!"
Sean G., Toronto, On., Canada

"On behalf of our chapter I would like to thank you for your time and effort...our chapter really appreciates your help. The whole conference turned out great and I received a lot of positive feedback from our attendees."
Spencer S.

"Many Many thanks for your reply and information. I really appreciate your assistance on this."
Lisa J.

"Robert has a great wealth of knowledge and has a way to get it across in class that allows you to comprehend and understand it"
Derek D

“We are big fans of your site and highly respect service you are providing to the public" Daryl N. Anderson, Modular Radiant Technologies, LLC

"I love it when images are presented that show how beautiful everyday materials can be when imaged at the microscopic scale. The folks at Healthy Heating have done just that." B. Bandli

"If you have never seen Robert speak in person, I would highly recommend you track down where his next engagement is and see him. He is one of the industries foremost speakers who can speak on the level of the average contractor to the most detailed engineer. Thank you for making the slides available!" Jim Prisby, USA

" excellent, well written summary of thermal comfort and how people feel heat. This should be mandatory reading." Michael K

"This is essential reading for everybody. The subject should be taught at High School to prevent bad decisions later, educated people are less prone to be mistaken. Needless to say this knowledge should be mandatory for building professionals." Francesc B.

"My name is Jen and I came across your page, while looking for some additional resources on skin for a project on the human body. You have fantastic resources and I wanted to take the time to say thanks for the helpful information."

"Very grateful for your clarity and explanations on so many topic in this industry."
Michael Sullivan

"Thank you for all the hard work, love your site."
The Hendersons, Ohio

Thanks so much Robert! I really appreciate how you integrate health sciences into decision making points for building science. Maria Viteri, AIA, LEED BD+C Director of Sustainability and Program Development International Masonry Institute

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