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Site Map's is about indoor environmental quality with a key message that conditioning people through architecture and radiant based HVAC systems must be the focus of all design; as opposed to heating and cooling buildings.  This means before we even ask for construction specifications we must understand the physiology and psychology of the occupants. For this reason we have created a website to equip visitors with valid information supported by recognized industry standards to help each of us specify the means and methods to create an interior environment based on health, wellness and comfort, focusing on what is important to us and not what is important to the structure.

It is also important to understand that radiant conditioning is not necessarily an electrical or mechanical solution since energy efficient architecture must be the first solution to prevent discomfort.

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Thermal Comfort Manikins, Indoor Environmental Instrumentation, II
Radiant Thermography, Indoor Environmental Instrumentation, III
Indoor Environmental Quality, - An Introduction
Carlson-Holohan Award, Industry Award of Excellence
People Come First, Human Physiology and Thermal Comfort
Human Factors in Design, Design for People, Simplicity, and Familiarity

Definition of HVAC,  Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning Terms
Free Schematics, Mechanical and Architectural Details
Total Comfort System, The Benchmark in Indoor Comfort Systems
Snow Melting Systems, Heated Driveways for Safety and Convenience
Installation Submittals, Photo Library of Quality Radiant Installations
Indoor Environmentalists, Interior Environmental Ergonomics Defined
Current News Letter Latest Information/Resources on IEQ
Interactive Comfort Tool. User Friendly IEQ Comfort Modeler
Journal on Indoor Quality , Weekly Updated Blog on IAQ + ICQ = IEQ
Free Seminar Downloads, Slide Shows from Conferences and Meetings
Editorials and Resources, Articles, Images and Papers on IEQ
Water Heaters vs. Boilers, The Great Debate

Radiant Heating and Cooling
History of Radiant Heating, Chronological review
Radiant Cooling, Basic Introduction to Cooling Conditioning of People
Hardwood & Radiant, Proper Care and Handling of Heated Hardwood
Underslab Insulation,
Science and Facts on Insulating Materials
Radiant Mythology, 22 Common Radiant Heating Myths Explained
How radiant heating myths get spread on the internet
Six common mistakes in radiant heating

Design software for radiant heating and cooling systems
Infloor Radiant Design Guide: Heat Loss to Head Loss


E5 = Energy | Efficiency | Entropy | Exergy | Efficacy 

A Basic Study In Human Physiology and Comfort
Table of Contents
  Human Physiology 1 - Human Comfort Factors
  Human Physiology 2 - Homeostasis - Thermal Balance

  Human Physiology 3 - The body's thermoregulatory system
  Human Physiology 4, The Mind - Body's Sensory Systems
  Human Physiology 5, Your Brain - Your Thermostat

A Basic Study in Indoor Air Quality
Table of Contents
  What Causes Indoor Air Problems?
  Pollutant Sources
  Amount of Ventilation
  Indoor Air Pollution and Health
  Additional Resources
Indoor Air Quality - A Competency Overview

Indoor Environmental Quality and Health
Current State of the Science: Health Effects and Indoor Environmental Quality
HVAC Systems and Indoor Environmental Quality

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Windows for cold climates
Walls and slabs for cold climates

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Radiant Based Heating, Ventilation and Air Conditioning
Mechanical Schematics - Proper assembly of electro mechanical systems
Architectural Schematics - proper assembly of building materials
Presentations - Static Pressure (includes a discussion on expansion tanks)  Pressure Fill   Valves Expansion Tanks Dynamic Pressure (includes a      discussion on pumping away) Circulators Air Separators Expansion Tanks   Expansion Pressure (includes a discussion on sizing modern tanks)   Expansion Tanks Temperature Control Safety Valves Pressure Fill Valves Calculating Flow Rate (includes a discussion on ∆t's) Circulators Temperature Control Selecting Control Valves (includes a discussion on valve authority) 2 Way Valves 3 Way Valves 4 Way Valves Fluid Velocity (includes a discussion on turbulent and laminar flow) PEX Pipe Copper Pipe Circulators Differential Pressure (includes a discussion on head losses) Pipe, Fittings, Valves Circulators Pressure Bypass Valves (includes a discussion on balancing) Pipe, Fittings, Valves Circulators Radiant Cooling and Heating (walls, floors and ceilings) Pipe, Manifolds, Accessories Control Valves, Actuators and Controllers Building Systems Floor Coverings

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